46,000 nurses to vote on the strike


Two healthcare unions will decide to vote for 46,000 members for a strike next week because of concerns that the pay is too low to recruit and retain staff.

After yesterday's special meeting of its national executive committee, the Psychiatric Association of Nurses (PNA) recommends that 6,000 members vote in favor of industrial action in the vote, which will start next Wednesday.

In the meantime, about 40,000 members of the Irish nurse and grandmother's organization (INMO) will start voting on Monday's strike next Monday.

The decision of the INMO Committee to elect its members for industrial action, up to and including a strike, followed a two-week "delay period" after announcing its intention to vote, giving the government and HSE the time to submit a reasonable payment of the proposal.

To date, there has been no breakthrough.

Yesterday evening PNA Secretary General Peter Hughes said that the outcome of the NEC meeting "reflected the disappointment of mental health nurses that the recent Public Payments Commission report failed to fully understand the extent of the recruitment and retention crisis in mental health services and their frustration in the further lack of realistic proposals for solving the recruitment and maintenance of a nurse ".

Last month, the INMO members largely rejected the proposals of the commission.

The Commission recommended the increase of certain rights and increased access to promotional posts, but did not find that there is an example to deal with wages.

INMO is striving to raise salaries to tackle the problem of recruitment and retention.

They said that structures will be put in place to maintain emergency and urgent services; otherwise, members will be waiting at the top with 24-hour work stoppages starting one day a week and going on for up to two days in the next week.

If strikes are taken, this could coincide with Christmas and New Year, which is traditionally the busiest time for many hospitals. The disorders are likely to be severe.

According to the INMO, nurses and midwives are "the lowest paid experts in the health service, therefore HSE considers that it can not be recruited or retained."

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