WhatsApp Change Terms of Service, the 5 settings should be changed


Jakarta – along with popularity WhatsApp Increasingly among global users, privacy issues are increasingly in the spotlight. Under the Facebook posts, the parent company, WhatsApp has changed many things.

In addition to a variety of new features and functions added, maybe not many know that WhatsApp has changed a few points Terms of Service (TOS), or service terms, on the platform.

This thaw change is actually done by whatsapp since some time ago. It is not known exactly when, clearly this happened after whatsapp was acquired by Facebook for USD 19 billion.

This information is back to the crowd recently, considering the privacy issues of users of Internet-based services are increasingly sticking out. Especially for users in the European area.

Indeed, there is not much that users can do about the TOS that is completely the right of whatsapp and Facebook as a service provider. But we can protect privacy by slightly changing settings.

Here are 5 settings WhatsApp features Which should be changed.


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