Use wet socks when you are burning, be healed? That's the reason


Wear socks during sleep can cause heat. Have you ever heard that wearing wet socks while sleeping is even more beneficial to health?

It's weird, but it was mentioned that it could be a solution to overcome cough, fever and others. Instead of frost, wet carrying socks can be a cure for the illness that you have.

Here are some types of diseases that you can greet using wet sleeping socks reported on the site Boldsky:


When the body has a fever and the temperature rises, it can reduce wet socks with it. Trick, prepare wool socks and soak in water, which gets a mixture of vinegar. Take and squeeze the socks until they are slightly moist, then use them. The kidneys will increase the blood flow so that the fever is rapidly reduced. This method is similar to compression.


Prepare a mixture of milk and honey, and sliced ​​shallots. Let it stand for 15 minutes. Dip the stockings in it, squeeze as long as the half is dry and worn. This helps to overcome the problem of coughing and mucus on the neck.


Using wet socks can be used to relieve digestion and treat constipation. Peel socks in a mixture of half the apples, one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of linseed, and then use it overnight.

Easy digestion

Prepare a mixture of germs, caraway and water seeds, then turn on and turn off the heat if it is hot. Dip socks and compression and wear. This means that it cures digestive problems and stimulates blood circulation in the stomach.

Treatment is tired

When your body and legs are tired of too much activity, prepare a mixture of oil from eucalyptus and hot water. Sink your legs into a mixture of water. Pull legs into it, then squeeze it. Use during sleep. I hope it's useful.

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