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The startup has helped 3,000 companies develop their business


JAKARTA, – Start-up company (Startup) PT Target Success Synergy or MTARGET has been established since October 2016. During this period, startups that provide marketing automation services have helped more than 3,000 national companies penetrate their targets.

Yopie Suryadi, CEO and Founder of MTARGET, said his party will continue to maintain consistency in providing solutions for other companies in developing their business.

"The MTARGET client has been serving 3000 companies over the past three years Free user And Pay user Our platform, "Yopie said in a statement on Tuesday (23-23 / 2019).

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Yopie said it helps companies and MSMEs achieve rapid growth and can approach them to their customers in a very efficient way and change the stigma that startups burn more money.

"With the services we provide, I tell you the startup needs to be able Making money, Yopi said.

Not only that, Yofie has also expressed the company's commitment to helping other companies grow bigger. According to Yopie, some startup companies are bigger with the solutions provided by MTARGET, including Union Space, Sleekr, Clue, Borexa, Smart Credit, Cashmere, Financial Services, Mocca and Waffle.

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While large companies that use MTARGET's information technology services are BFI Finance, Kapal Api, Astra Life, JS Luwansa, PPM Manajemen, Swatch, Tumi, Baznas, Bussan Auto Finance, Zara, Ibis Bandung Trans Studio, ITC Group, Kota Kasablanka, Hush Puppies, Santika Bintaro Hotel, Auto2000 Pasar Kemis, to Royal Enfield and several companies based in Malaysia.

Yopie said, initially, MTARGET relied on just one major feature that was E-mail marketing, which clients could use to distribute bulk e-mail to attract potential customers. Over time, the MTARGET feature was developed with e-mail automation, interactive form, landing page, and social media management services.

"In February 2018, MTARGET released the transactional email feature that has a different function than E-mail marketing, so we changed the image from E-mail marketing company To be Customer engagement platform, He said.

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