The most weird fossil found on Earth, there are millions of years old dandruffs


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The existence of fossils can help people to know the lives of flora and fauna for hundreds of thousands or millions of years.

Today, most species of living creatures on Earth are extinct.

However, the traces of their existence still remain through fossils that have been buried for millions of years.

In recent years, scientists have uncovered many unique fossils.

This points to the behavior, form and development of old animals.

The following summarizes the two types of fossil species that are extinct and look strange on the side of the Listverse.

1. Fossils from the earliest animals on Earth

For decades, the scientific community has been discussing strangely.

Found in 1947, a fossil called Dickinsonia has a flat and oval body measuring 1.4 meters.

Another fuzzy feature of this fossil is its delicate appearance.


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