The 10 best heroes with the highest speed in mobile legends this month


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Copyright © TribunNews – Although there have been various phenomenal new games, but games Mobile legends still a lot of devotees This is because the game is quite relaxed to play so that it can take on other work.

Well, because it's online based, all player information will be synchronized centrally so that we can figure out the winning rate of each hero used in this month. For the changes this time is quite large, because some heroes have increased and some have not re-entered.

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For those who are confused to look for the recommended heroes, you can immediately check out the top 10 best heroes of the highest speed this month in the following Mobile Legends.

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The 10 Best Heroes in Mobile Legends Today

  1. Kimmy (58.63%)

Although it's relatively new, Kimmy has an incredible pace. In fact, Kimmy has a different control system, so she needs more adaptations for playing. So, for those who want to try to learn please, or you can first see a tuurorial here.

  1. Claude (56.36%)

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Claude still prevails. It's just natural because it's the most aggressive Marksman and has a lot of damage, so it's so scary in the game.

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  1. Vexana (54.93%)

On Nerf, but Vexana is still the main character of many players, because they have the skills they have, quite unique and interesting to the enemy.

  1. Alfa (54.68%)

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This warrior, which has quite a strong defense, is very effective for use in the war. When the enemy is born, you can spend the final moment. It's pretty tricky, but Alpha will be very easy to control if you get used to it. Check how to use it here.

  1. Rubby (54.14%)

Rubby is a female vampire Mobile legends, almost all skills affect stunt and HP Regen, so that even 5 enemies can survive during the escape.

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There are still 5 other heroes, number 7, so subscriptions are banned at the highest point. Continue reading >>

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