Sudjiwo Tedjo's confession about the attitude of Tengku Zulkarnain to Ali Ngabalin to himself


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Culturalist Sujivo Tedjo gave a confession about the attitude of the characters to him when he met in person.

This was revealed by Suzhou Tedjo when he was a guest speaker at the Indonesian Lawyers Club (ILC) on Tuesday (11/28/2018).

With this topic 'really 41 measles exposed to radicalism', some figures ranging from politicians to publications have been presented.

Suddevo Tedjo gave recognition about the attitude of the Staff Chairman of the Presidential Staff (XP) Alley Nugabin.

When Sudjivo Tedjo gave an explanation, he praised Ally Ngabinin who always had a mild attitude.

"I am happy with Bang Nugabin, I'm Alu," Sudjivo Tedjo said.

This can be seen from the attitude of Neginin who was listening to and listening when Sudzhivo Tedjo expressed his view.

Besides Nablin, the cultural observer also gave praise to the MOE Secretary General, and Tenzku Zulkarnain.

"Uzhadz Tengku Zulkarnain seems like it, but before that at the beginning of triaz he singing music, his hand played the piano, I saw, and the chords were correct, there was a chord in the keyboard, I asked to play the piano? Piano playing.

"So, Lord, Lord, try to develop Javanese, Pak Ustaz," Sudjivo Tedjo asked the secretary general of the MOY.


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