Reduction of the wheelbase "Sekaten Night Market", visitors are evacuated


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – the pleasure of visitors who drive a wheel-drive wheel or a windmill on the Sekaten night market, Yogyakarta Tonight bears the horror. The reason is that some Ferris wheel cabin was turned upside down, causing the visitor almost to fall into the ground.
From the display of a number of videos that are viral in social media, the operators themselves stop the spinning wheel immediately. This way the worker can perform manual evacuation.

The panic could be heard from a video clip when the family, consisting of mother and father, fell into the cabin of the inverted cabin.

Fortunately, they did not fall to the ground. Officials can manually evacuate them.


Not only in the cabin, all visitors who climbed on the Ferris wheel went down manually.

While Jogyakarta was confirmed by the public relations police, AKBP Yulianto confirmed that it was actually a vehicle that was on the Sekaten night market.

"It's a disorder," Yulianto said when he turned to on Sunday (November 11th).

Regarding the victims, Yulianto said that there were no injuries in the incident. "If there are no injuries," he said.

Although there were no injuries, Yulianto could not determine whether visitors who took the Ferris wheel were taken to the hospital or not.

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