Nokia makes smartphones with 5 latest cameras, facts or extras?

[ad_1], NEW YORK – A few months ago, Nokia phones came in with 5 rear cameras threatening the world of technology. The leak was originally claimed to be unreal or fake. However, recent information has reappeared.

Reported Android PoliceThe data was on Wednesday (11.7.2018) from one of the @OnLeaks accounts, which often gave the latest gadgets. The account requires a Nokia 9 Series PureView series.

Unfortunately, 5 cameras are not yet known about the function or configuration. However, some other specifications that will appear on the phone are likely to display a QHD screen of 5.9 inches, fingerprint sensors on the screen, Snapdragon 845, and 8 GB of RAM memory. Not only this, wireless charging is also envisaged to come to a mobile phone.

Interestingly, unlike most mobile phones, the Nokia 9 Pureview now has no screen. It seems to be complemented by rumors about mobile phones. But the note, this is leak, has not been officially confirmed by Nokia.

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