Need to interfere with many customers, so Persib Bandung becomes champion, this is the word of the former player


TRIBUNJABAR.ID – Defeat Persib Bandung from PSMS Medan in the El Clasico match yesterday afternoon he had a big impact.

Opportunity Persib Bandung be champion Liga 1 2018 is low. For some people status Persib Bandung in the title race champion maybe this is the end of the game.

He took a miracle and intervened with many customers to avoid it Persib Bandung be champion.

Persib Bandung, in addition to having to survive in the remaining four games, hopes that their rivals will fall.

Bojan Mališič after opposition to PSMS.
Bojan Mališič after opposition to PSMS. (Tribun Bali / Rizal Fanany)

Persib Bandung can claim that the referee overturned the opponent too much yesterday. And Boboto agrees with that. Numerous court decisions are controversial.

However, yesterday's play Persib Bandung was also less interesting. Seen Ezechiel NDouassel does not have the support of other players.

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Persib Bandung's calculations for the first league winner after losing PSMS Medan, there are still opportunities

"Ezechiel hardly develops the game because the space is closed continuously and there are no dangerous movements, either from Ezechiel or other players," said the former player Persib Bandung Gilang Angga.

"Yesterday's attack by Persibas was also without diversity, although only two players were absent Oh Oh Kyun and Jonathan Bauman, otherwise than before. Indeed, when there were many players who were disturbed, the game still persisted," he said Gilang Angga.

Hariono played with PSMS players.
Hariono played with PSMS players. (Tribun Bali / Rizal Fanany)

According to him, the opportunities Persib Bandung be champion it is still wide open, but not more.

"The goal to become a champion must still be there because PSM Makassar will also play outside, and Persia will also meet with PSM Makassar. The exact option is that he is still a winner," he said.

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The return of players who are accustomed to the launcher must be used Persib Bandung win.

"In addition, the next game of the team will be played again, hopefully in the next game, the game will improve and win the match," he said.

Ardi Idrus tried to stop PSMS players.
Ardi Idrus tried to stop PSMS players. (Tribun Bali / Rizal Fanany)

(Tribun Jabar / Nazmi Abdurrahman)

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