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Kendall Health Office records 60 people who suffered from HIV AIDS, 19 died


TRIBUNJATENG.COM, KENDAL – The number of HIV / AIDS cases in the hotline is still high.

In January-June, there were 60 people in the Kendal district who were positive for HIV.

Even from 60 HIV / AIDS positive people, 19 of them died.

Head of Disease Prevention and Control, Health Agency Kendall Mangohoa, said the number of HIV cases in the Kendala area was still high.

Because if it is calculated, every month three people die from HIV.

"In the last 19 years there have been 949 HIV and AIDS cases. If we specify 543 HIV positive and 406 positive AIDS," he said on Tuesday (7/23/2019).

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He said the highest number of HIV cases had occurred in college life.

His deceased husband had 109 HIV positive people and 36 people contracted AIDS.

"This is not, in fact, the highest in central Java, but the figure 7 spotlight regeneration in central Java is associated with HIV and AIDS cases," he said.

Family Health Staff from Central Java Provincial Health Office, Padmi Suparti, explains that HIV and AIDS cases are also the most important part of his work.

Because there have been cases of pregnant women who have died from contracting HIV.

"Housewives are vulnerable to HIV. Sometimes very husbands who carry the disease in the household make housewives infected. Even the housewives are also prospective mothers of their children," he said.

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According to him, HIV and AIDS prevention cannot be done only through the Health Office.

According to him, there is a need for cooperation with many related parties to prevent HIV.

"We also want to control HIV / AIDS, hepatitis B and syphilis before the wedding triple elimination program for couples before they can be diagnosed and done," he concluded. (DOP)

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