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JAKARTA – The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) organizes the event of a trade, tourism and investment business forum. The Forum had an Indonesian consulate in cooperation with several representations of the Indonesian Government and banking institutions in New York, such as the Investment Coordination Committee (BKPM), Bank Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) and Bank Mandiri 8. November.

The TTI Business Forum, which was held for the first time last Wednesday, is intended to promote economic cooperation between America and Indonesia in the fields of trade, tourism and investment. About 200 businessmen and investors took part in the forum, and BKPM leader Thomas Lembong spoke at the forum; Indonesian Ambassador Budi Bowoleksono; The Governor of the Special Region of Joghakarta Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X; Economic Consul of the Indonesian Consulate in New York Winanto Adi; Deputy Governor of the Bank of Indonesia representative of New York Noor Nugroho; business people and BUMN representatives.

Presented by Wayne Forest of the American Chamber of Commerce in New York, Ambassador Robert Blake and former US Ambassador to Indonesia Cameron Hume, representatives of American companies such as General Eletric and OPIC.

He pointed out the founder of Solarfi Antonio Dixon, Indonesia has considerable market potential. In addition, Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest number of inhabitants in the world.

"In Indonesia, I see huge market potential as the fourth largest country in the world. We are looking for opportunities to expand to Indonesia," said Antonio Dixon, president and founder of Solarfi, a New York-based company and Akri (Ghana), a technology engineer Solar.

Meanwhile, two digital industries, Bukalapak and Go-Jek, are attractive to American business people.

"We have come in line with our intention to introduce Bukalapak into an American company," said Muhammad Fajrin Rasyid, co-founder and President of PT It seemed that Fajrin had a long discussion with American business people who were interested in the possibility of cooperation.

"This event is very important for establishing links in terms of investments, market opportunities and the like, as it can not be denied (if) that the US is still the largest economic power in the world to date," Fajrin said, hoping that this forum became a bridge for Indonesia's Indonesian investors.

"This event is the highlight of a series of events that we have designed since last year, where we invited 16 US investors, most of whom were never in Indonesia," said Indonesian Consulate General Winanto Adi. Jakarta.

"It turned out that they were very interested in Indonesia. After this visit, there are those US investors who have already invested or are in the process of investing in Indonesia, worth 300 million dollars," explained Winanto, who hopes that this business the forum can provide more investment opportunities from America to Indonesia.

The atmosphere of the discussion of a business forum organized by the Consulate General in New York on 8 November 2018. (Photo by Reza Pahlevi / VOA)


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