Disindir Anak-Anak Faisal Haris, Jennifer Dunn Balas with Soulis Alice


They received a strong warning from Faisal Haris's three daughters after being released from prison, Jennifer Dunn replied to her eyebrow eyebrow.

Jennifer Dunn 1.jpg

She can not move away from her face and body according to the status of a woman of a tyrannical businessman, Jennifer looks even more grip post retouching thick eyebrow shape.

On a photo circulating in a cyber space, Jennifer wears it pink sweater it seemed that with his new painter an eyebrow in a beauty clinic. When he came out of prison on the face, Jennifer's face looked good

Jennifer Dunn 2.jpg

"Thank you for coming, Sis Jeje (Jennifer Dunn)," to write an eyebrows for Jennifer Brow makers in the title of the photo.

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Jennifer really depends on treatment. Also in Rutan Pondok Bambu, eastern Jakarta, a beauty clinic therapist was deliberately led to take care of the face of a woman who was marked as a player. Not surprisingly, each session, the appearance of thicker eyebrows, shy eyelashes and sexy lips, is always attached to Jennifer Dunn. O / different sources

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