Check out the details! Here's 10 Easter Red Egg Dead Redemption 2!


At present, this must be recognized Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best selling games. It presents extraordinary and interesting details and stories to enjoy, this game dominates the various gaming console forums. They do not remember too much Red Dead Reedemption 2 He worked very seriously.

In this game, Rockstar also includes many unique and weird things as well as more Easter egg interesting. For those who love it Easter egg In the game, this article is suitable for you.

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Come on is this, while still a hype, we are immediately debating one after ten Easter egg Red Dead Redemption 2 all you need to know, check!!

Note: for those who want to continue, there are some spoilers! If it is still unfounded, the risk will be self-evident.

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Red Dead RevolverOf course, you, who love rockstar games, know this. This was said that this game inspired Red Harlow in the game Red Dead Revolver. Although Harlow did not show up, he was inspired by the game Red Dead Redemption 2 we can not let it go.

Oiya, both Arthur and Harlow use revolver weapons know. Refer to the Whatculture website, that is one Easter egg most interesting.

red dead redemption 2

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Easter Eggs Red Dead Redemption 2 The next thing to note is the presence of Geoff Ramsey and Jack Pattillo. Yes, these two people participated in this game. Keep in mind, Geoff and Jack are famous Youtubers, who created a channel called Hunter Achievement.

Both are related to the words Petelin and Teeth. Both Geoff and Jack are both brilliant Red Dead Redemption 2 you know. Yes, they also cooperated. Perhaps for those who want to find it, they can go to the Hotel Valentine or to the post office.

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In the world Red RedemptionLandon Ricketts is a legendary shooter. He spent a lot of time with John Marston and a prequel Red Dead Redemption 2, the name Ricketts insists.

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Yes, the name Ricketts is named for one mission without seeing his picture. The chat explained that Ricketts was a great gun know. Although we do not see his figure, his name is called enough to make us like players happy, is not it?

Hobbit is usually not synonymous with Wild Wild West, but at Red Redemption, this has changed dramatically! Yes, Rockstar was surprised when he showed a house similar to the Hobit House.

If you want to go to this house, you can go to the North on the map. There was a small mud cottage with the image of Tolkein-Esque. Arthur thinks the house is a mysterious house. Cool right?

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For those who love old movies, you need to know the name Knjiga Jungle is not it? Yes, even this movie proved to be Easter Eggs Red Dead Redemption 2 all you have to watch out for. Easter egg this is in the territory of Lemoyne, and there you will see a snake named Ka that hangs.

Kaa looks pretty strong and of course very emotional. If you have not yet found it, you may be able to do research without delay in order to fulfill this Kaa.


It is said that he was a blind astrologer who traveled throughout the site Red Dead Redemption 2. This blind trailer proved to be a person who could have made many important predictions. Yes, we will tell you about any future events that will happen, including Arthur's death, interacting with John Marston and much more.

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If you give him money, the judge will continue to announce. Of course, do not underestimate this forecast, because some of them will happen. All you have to do is to conclude your mission carefully! Moreover, the judge said that Arthur would have experienced an incident that required his life.

John Marston can not swim

Red Dead 3 Redemption PC

The funniest thing is that John Marston can not swim. In the first game it was true that Marston could not swim and even in the second game, he showed that he could not swim. Of course, this funny thing is even more so Marston is a successful killer.

One thing is that if Marston is fishing, try to prevent him from falling from the ship in which he is! If he falls, he's probably not going to be able to save himself, huhaha.

Facial expression John Marston

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Cover game Red Redemption firstly admit that there is no critical game icon. But Rockstar still uses this Easter Eggs Red Dead Redemption 2. Yes, the mission will show you John Marston in action.

Without a joke, Marston did one of the terrible acts of the massacre. When he wanted to finish his opponent, Marston would show his facial expression on his face Red Redemption first. He once saw a happy face when killing his opponent.

This moment shows that Rockstar is really exceptional in working on such side effects.

Find the Dutch gang in the epilogue

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When the game is almost over, the Dutch gang will be surprised. Yes, after they collapsed, the Dutch gang split and most of its members were hard to find. But there are three gang members you can find, Pearson, Tilly Jackson and Mary-beth.

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Three live in different places, Pearson in Rhodes, as a store, Mary-Beth is a novelist who can meet while waiting for a Valentine's train, and Tilly Jackson joins her husband's lawyer in Saint Denis. If you find them, there are some cutscenes that will happen know.

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After the conclusion of the best husband and the female unknown mission, a special revolver Schofield with the Canis Canem Edit will be presented to the player. Are you familiar with this? If so, then you are real fans of Rockstar Games.

Canis Edit is a tag in the game Bully published in 2006. Obviously it was a game Bully Rockstar will give much less hype players wait for the game really big. Of course, with the presence of a slogan, as if that meant a game Bully He really worked, even though Rockstar has not confirmed this yet.

Now it's clear that they focus on working on Red Dead Online. Yes, hopefully anyway Bully 2 it really comes true anyway.

Yes, it seems to be 10 Easter Eggs Red Dead Redemption 2 which should be taken into account. Some Easter egg It's hard to find it upstairs, but once you find it, you'll be almost excited. Well, have you played this game and how much Easter Eggs Red Dead Redemption 2 you found?

You may be able to immediately tell in the column with related comments Easter egg in this game, huh? guys. It will probably also be an update Easter egg Considering this game is an incredibly wide world.

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