Building 5 floors of El Azhar Islamic Boarding School in Growing Collapsing, Generating Dust to Hundreds of Metals


GRESIK, The Ishqar Joshua Boarding School (Pesantren) Building in Susi Village, Manyar Subdistrict, Greeks, which collapsed on Tuesday (11/27/2018) night, said by the residents having caused dust to scatter a radius of hundreds of meters Place.

"During the incident, I was also shocked by a loud noise that was heard, not long ago, dust flew," said Ihnal, one of the residents who live about 300 meters from the location of the collapsed building on Wednesday ( 11/28/2018).

In fact, the amount of dust scattered in the air at the time of the incident, made an inventor of thought and did not believe if at that time the building of the fescentren not far from his house collapsed.

"Here too, it is too close to the toll road, so I can also find the sound of a collision or something. That's the amount of money, there are even residents who think of fuel, but after checking, it turned out that cottage building collapsed, "He said.

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There was no totalitarianism in the incident, because around 100 santians who used to occupy the building had moved to the place of the cottage branch in Mengati district, Grecic.

"Fortunately before the incident, or about noon, Santis was told to go to the place of the lodge in Mengati." So God willing, there would be no casualties, "he said.

However, the impact of the collapse of the Al Azhar Islamic Boarding School building hit two other buildings around the place, one of which was Rodison's house. With the incident, Rodvin and his family also happened to be not at home.

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