Audience over the reservoir caught on the train, he said that the Surabaya committee burned down


SURABAYA, – Many viewers were killed and wounded on the brink of a Surabaya Burning drama broadcast on Jalan Pahlawan, Surabaya, on Friday (11 September 2013) in the evening. The victims hit the train, which passed during the performance of the viaduct.

The response to this incident was said by the chairman of the joint community of Surabaya Taufik Monyonk, or M Taufik Hidayat, said that the tragedy occurred outside the control of the committee. He claimed that he repeatedly reminded the audience of the viaduct that he had descended.

"We have always complained, they are only sticks, and because of our position, we prepared for Jalan Pahlawan, they are disabled. The dismissal is beyond our control, including viewers to the Tura market," he said.

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Taufik then claimed that his visibility did not reach the viaduct.

"Two, three years ago there was no train that passed until the program was over. I also did not know that the timetable was due to why they were driving on the train," he added.

Taufik explained that this was due to the enormous enthusiasm of people that they insisted that they watch a colossal drama from a place that was possible, even though it was dangerous.

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A deadly accident happened when he read the colossal dramatic prologue. Taufik has reason to continue the exhibition, even though the committee already knew about the accident.

"These friends worked hard, many friends from this area have been working for another month, many are also shocked. It's bad if they do not show up. It's also an exhibition that originates from 60 minutes, 40 minutes," Taufik said.

He added, as the leader of the Enlightened Surabaya community, expressed his grief and was worried that some of his victims were his younger brothers and sisters who participated in Blazing Surabaya.

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