Anne Sophane's indictment of Indramay's regent finally revealed, this is her son's word


Tribun Jabbar Journal Report, Ahmad Imam Baehaqi

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, INDRAMAYU – Indramayu Regent, Anna Sophanah, submitted a letter of resignation and was approved by DPRD Indramayu Regency.

In her letter, Anna announced her resignation because she wanted to focus on family care.

Until this news was disclosed, Tribun Jabar was unable to obtain direct information from the first person in the Indramay region.

Anna was not present at the Indramayu Regency DPRD plenary session on Wednesday (11 July 2018) in Indramay regency DPRD submitted her resignation as Regent Indramay from 2016 to 2021.

However, his son, Daniel Mutaqien Syafiuddin, on Tuesday (November 6, 2013) ordered a statement on the removal of his mother from the regent's position at 15.16 WIB.

Daniel Mutaqien Syafiuddin was photographed by Daniel and Anna. They both looked compact in white clothes.

"Before the news developed, and lastly, the community had the perspectives of their own thoughts, I would try to clarify a letter of submission of a resignation as Regent Indramayu Regency," wrote Daniel Mutaqien Syafiuddin in his transcript.

He explained that the most important reason is the family problem and the problem of sharing time for family and government duties.

"In connection with the state of health of her mother, Adji (her father), who was severely diminished and after her death, the mummy (mother) had long regretted Ana's mother, and in addition, the health of Mr Yance (a man) who fell and needed full attention from Anna's mother, he suddenly made this decision, "said Daniel Mutaqien Syafiuddin when he was transferred.

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