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A house in Batu City burned, 4 residents reported killed


A great fire struck the house on Jalan Hasanudin, Junrejo District, Batu City. The fire has killed four residents of the house.

Evacuation proceedings are being conducted after this fire has been successfully terminated by the City FM Unit. From AFP information, the fire suddenly devoured the building. Until the occupants of the house are saved.

Residents of the fire immediately reported the incident to Batavia City Police and PMK, about 9:45 am. Soon, PMK cars came to this place to extinguish the fire.

Officers managed to put the fire on, an hour after the outbreak of the fire. "Initially, it was a fire, along with PMK, the deal was done," said Chief of Police Criminal Investigator AKP Anton Vidodo, on Tuesday night.

Anton admitted, his party was conducting a crime scene (TCP), after the fire that burned the house was successfully extinguished.

"Initial information on the victims is four people. After doing crime scenes, the results would be delivered later. Including about the existence of victims in this incident," he said.

The information from AFP, the fire that occurred, resulted in a live loss. There were at least four victims, all of whom were killed because of fire. The evacuation process has begun before the body of these victims is taken to the next hospital for an appeal.

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