1-0 win over PS Tira 1-0, Naga Meches team away from degradation zone


TRIBUNKALTIM.CO, TENGGARONG – Mitra Kukar won a 1: 0 victory over PS Tira in the 2018 league 1 32th Week match at the Acti Imbut Stadium in Tenggarong on Friday (11/23). Mitra Kukar was confident in front of his own supporters against PS Tira at the AJI Imbut Stadium in Tenggarong.

The final score of 1-0 became an important victory for Mitra Kakar over PS Tira in Week 32 of League 1 2018. An additional three points made by Naga Mekes squad slightly widen the distance from the points with the relocation zone.

The only Mitra Cookar winning goal in this match was created by Dedi Hartono 61 minutes.Dividizing the crisis in front of the PS Tira target, Deddy tried to dribble the ball until finally he could shoot a shot at the keeper's goal.

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Since the first minute, both teams have been quite difficult. Rodriguez and has always tried to enter the hard guard defense opponent Abu Bakar RadanFah, PS Tira defender.

Recorded a yellow card given to defender Mitra Kokar, Maurice 29 minutes due to a collision with the attacker PS Tira. Partner player, Mulana even pulled out because of an injury that was experienced, and then transported by an ambulance who is ready to cross the edge of the field.

A brilliant performance is shown by the landlord Goulri Grey Mandragi who managed to be a riot stupor that night. Gerry managed to brush off psir tira's back game number 17, recycle which led to the right of his target.

The match on Week 32 was quite hot, because the referee Novari Ikson was sentenced by the home team to be very detrimental, so that some spectators in the Aji Stadium can get emotional. Fortunately, the security forces spent quickly by securing the game until it ended.

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The last victory at home match, Career Kundar's career, Rahmad Darmavan was very grateful for the three more points. "Very difficult game tonight, but finally we managed to raise points at home, I'm very grateful," he said Friday (11/23).

Meanwhile, the coach PS Tira, Nail Maizar has surrendered after his team lost to the boss. Tonight results are outside the previous goal, where PSYA wants to protect a minimum of 1 point at the Aji Imbut Stadium.

"Our goal is not achieved, at least one point, we master the game, but the final result is not good, but the children's struggle is extraordinary until the last minute, which is our football champion football, but we Lose, "said a press conference after the game.

In addition, Neil Maizar admitted his team had mastered the ball since the early minutes. But they have to lose due to lost in the second round. This is what will be a valuation for him. In addition, Naila Maizar said that they are still optimistic in the last three games they would play.

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"We do not just lose the performance, but we'll appreciate it again. The remaining three matches, maybe today, the aura is not good because of losing. The next day is normal again." )

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