The color versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10 are released; 2 Drilled holes on the screen

While official information has just begun to come, the Samsung Galaxy S10 began for the first time in February next year with four different color options. The next leading model of the South Korean giant already says that they have colored versions of the gradient that could be associated with some of the four color options. Two of the variants of the S10 Galaxy should also have a fingerprint with a fingerprint sensor in the display. It is also reported that Samsung will use M9 display panels on which laser-drilled holes for the camera and the infrared sensor of the pump pump from the DPSS pump will be made. The next generation of display panels, which will be the successors of the M8 screen on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9, will probably come with the new Infinity Display models.

Among other events, Samsung will set the Galaxy S10 in black, green, white and yellow to report on SamMobile. The color options reported may involve some color tasks that match the trend in progress. In addition, he said that Samsung will offer LED Flip and Galaxy S10 protective covers.

The SamMobile report also reports that SM-G973x and SM-G975x will have 5.8-inch and 6.44-inch displays and a fingerprint sensor in the display. However, it is said that there 5.8-inch screen will be able to carry the model number SM-G970x sans the fingerprint sensor in the display. This may be the worst option in the three versions of the Galaxy S10. In addition, the data match the report that appeared in July, stating the presence of an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in two Galaxy S10 models.

In addition to revealing information about the Galaxy S10, SamMobile claims that the Foldable Smartphone Galaxy F, which is due to start in March for the first time, in the colors Silver and Black. In particular, it will be a SM-F900U device that will have 512 GB of onboard memory. For the European and Asian version of the Galaxy F, the SM-F900F and SM-F900N are considered to be models.

Separately, the ETNews report shows that Samsung preferred the M9 display panel with DPSS laser drilled holes for the Galaxy S10. It is reported that new panels will display not only one, but two holes, where they will be available for the front-facing, confident camera, and the other for the infrared sensor. This is unlike the original Infinity O screen, which Samsung introduced at its annual Developer Conference earlier this month, which had one hole for the camera. In particular, the company recently launched a Galaxy A8 with a single hole design for the selfie camera.

Samsung is supposed to use SFA laser equipment, Phil Optics and Wonik IPS to drill holes on the screens. It is also anticipated that the company will eventually have a different approach, as it would not be completely satisfied with the results of the DPSS.

TheElec reports that Samsung Display internally calls the Hole and Active Area Hole technology. With the laser process for etching or drilling, the display panels will have holes for the respective components. Probably there will be a possibility to hide the holes almost by letting the black panels on the screen. This may be similar to how some Android smartphones offer the ability to hide the display screen.

For the M9 OLED display panels to succeed the existing M8 screens, they should use the red, green and blue colors of the Dow Chemical, Nippon, Samsung and SFC hosts. In addition, they report that Duksan Neolux, Merck and Idemitsu Kosan provide red, green and blue main layers for new panels. The ETNews report also mentioned the three sizes of the Galaxy S10 and showed that the production of screen displays has already begun. In addition, it is said that the basic model with a 5.8-inch screen will bring flat-screen, while the second model with a 5.8-inch screen and a superior 6.2-inch screen will bring curved panels.

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