Shiv Sena on Center-Teacher Trace

Uddhav Thackrey-led Shiva Sena in his editor, Mathspile Saamana against the center over the rabbi queue.


The Shiva Sena said the death of the Rebbe and the Center on some issues was followed by a temporary truce.

The Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) board held a marathon meeting on November 19 over several issues, including how much capital the top bank requirements, lending rates for small and medium enterprises, and rules for weak banks.

Signing a temporary truce, the rabbi and the government have agreed to refer to an expert committee the contentious issue of the appropriate amount of reserves that the top bank should hold, while the restructuring of string loans from small businesses would be held by the central bank.

"Fortunately, the government took a step back, and the rabbi also accepted a way out, so a show down was temporarily bitter.

"The RBI has decided to present an expert commission to deliver its reserves, which feel as today's death has been suspended until tomorrow," said the censor Sena in an editorial on party-machine "Saamana".

It also said that the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sectors were under pressure due to demonization, and that it also has a cascading effect on sectors like services and production.

It has been shown to sleep in buying and selling as well as a decrease in liquidity, the Eddhav Thai-led party claimed.

"The GST only increased problems for the sectors. With the MSM sector, the press has come under pressure today only due to the policies of the government. However, the UPA government is responsible for Rs 10 Lah Kror becomes debtor of large companies, as can the previous Government is considered responsible for the pressure in the network today? The editors questioned.

The government was probably aware that it was its own doing that relating to the MSME sector, and therefore, making the policy to prevent lending norms for them and seeking the use of rabbi's reserves, said Shiv Sena, who is an ally From the BJP at the center and in Maharashtra.

"The punishment between the government and the rabbi started because the former sought to use the last reserve, as the decisions of the demonization have tightened the nose around the MSME sector, and the government wants to be free," added.

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