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* Expects the country to lose N184bn on foot amputations, stroke, renal failure, erectile dysfunction, nerve damage, blindness, depression, others by 2045
* Novo Nordisk introduces Degulinec insulin to improve the treatment of diabetes
* Wellness Patron Health raises awareness, promises free health checks

There are new concerns, as Nigeria is expected to lose some N184 billion by 2045 for diabetes complications and their treatment.

According to estimates, Nigeria lost about N92 billion for the treatment of diabetes in 2017, with the number increasing in 2045.

A further breakdown showed that one patient with high complications of diabetes may sometimes be in the N500, 000 to N1 million for one prescription.

Possible complications include: cardiovascular problems including coronary artery disease with chest pain (angina), cardiac infarction, stroke and arterial constriction (atherosclerosis); nerve damage (neuropathy) – damage to nerves associated with digestion can cause problems with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, and in men it can cause erectile dysfunction; Renal impairment (nephropathy) – severe damage may result in renal failure or irreversible renal disease in the final stage that may require dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Others: Damage to retinal blood vessels (diabetic retinopathy), which can lead to blindness, and diabetes also increases the risk of other serious visual conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma; leg injury – ultimately require amputation of the toes, legs or feet; skin conditions – more susceptible to skin problems, including bacterial and fungal infections; hearing impairment; Type 2 diabetes can increase the risk of dementia such as Alzheimer's disease; depression; and stroke.

This was published on the weekend during the introduction of the base insulin Novo Nordisk Insulin Degludec for the treatment of diabetes in Nigeria, held in Lagos.

President of the Society of Endocrine and Metabolism in Nigeria (EMSON), prof. Olufemi Fasanmade, said that Africa is about 16 million adults with diabetes until 2017, and by 2045 the number is expected to rise to 41 million.

He said that Africa recorded some 298,160 deaths from diabetes, recorded in 2017, of which Nigeria has recorded 40,329 and on average almost 42 deaths. A doctor / endocrinologist at Lagos Hospital Hospital (LUTH) emphasized that the number of diabetes victims is greater than the deaths recorded in the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), tuberculosis and malaria in the same year.

According to Fasanmade, it is very worrying statistics that the level of awareness of the disease is still low, as the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that six out of ten Nigerians do not know that they have diabetes, a total of 1.70 million adults with diabetes the disease, 79 years, which is 2.2% of the adult population in 2017. The associate professor concluded that the population of adults with diabetes would increase by 4.4 million by 2045; A 156% increase, with only one in 20 people with diabetes expected to achieve the goal of treatment.

"When we talk about the prevalence of diabetes and mortality, we say that more than half of people with diabetes in this country are not diagnosed. Why? Because diabetes is very common, especially in type 2, it can not have symptoms and you should actually go to a blood test sugar, so some corporate advice, which is employed before their staff, are testing blood sugar, "he said.

Fasanmade said with the introduction of Insulin Degludec in Nigeria, now the clinic has an innovative product that significantly contributes to the quest to "change diabetes" in Nigeria.

While Nigeria joined the rest of the world to celebrate World Diabetes Day (WDD) on 14 November, Wellness Patron Health Limited, a health and wellness company, announced plans to ensure full access to vital information by the Nigerian public. or successfully manage diabetes in accordance with the objectives of the WDD. To this end, the company says it convenes an awareness event on diabetes, a thematic "Diabetes Demystified" to educate the Nigerians and eliminate the fears surrounding this disease.

Daniella Akpakwu, director of the company, said in a statement to the media that the company was forced to organize a workshop as a knowledge-based wellness institution that diabetes is a lifestyle disease that can be prevented by those who do not have or are well under the control of those who they live with it by changing the way of life.

Surgeon Kumar Sharma, an endocrinologist and medical professor at the Institute of Medical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi, Jaipur, India, said that the vast number of patients with diabetes, Africa, especially Nigeria, would be ready for an epidemic of diabetes in the next decade, a progressive illness , characterized by the development of long-standing complications, such as retinopathy (eye disease), nephropathy (kidney disease) and neuropathy (loss of sensation)

Speaking of the onset of insulin Degludec, Vice President for Business, the business area of ​​Africa & New Zealand Bay, Mads Bo Larsen, stated: "Novo Nordisk aims to provide the best healthcare and treatment for people with diabetes. Our strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders in The health sector includes the education of patients, the training of health professionals and the strengthening of health care systems.

"Degludec insulin has been found to provide low blood glucose variability associated with a lower risk of severe hypoglycaemia. In the testing of cardiovascular outcomes, DEVOTE, Degludec insulin did not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events, while in nighttime severe and severe hypoglycaemia decreased significantly by 53% and 40% compared to insulin glargine U100 in adults with type 2 diabetes. "

According to the effect of hypoglycaemia, Professor Thomas Pieber from the Department of Endocrinology and Diagnosis at the University of Graz, Austria, said: "Maintaining good blood glucose control by insulin treatment can be a challenge for healthcare professionals and patients because of concerns about hypoglycaemia,

He added: "Mild hypoglycaemic symptoms may include tachycardia, trembling, hunger, sweating, and concentration problems. Severe hypoglycaemia can cause addiction, coma and can lead to death. Night hypoglycaemia is a real concern for people with diabetes, as it is often unpredictable and unrecognized . "

Akpakwu said: "The event will therefore not only focus on educating the public about diabetes, but also on the well-being and the appropriate lifestyle of our environment. Much will go to diabetes and how to manage it successfully and live to the maximum. He promises to influence. "

Also, with regard to relaxation, the event, which will take place on November 10, 2018 at the Lilygate Hotel in Lekka Phase 1, will bring together health professionals and lifestyle experts who will present not only people living with diabetes, but anyone who wants prevent disease or remain in good health.

In addition to professional lectures, the company also announced that it will examine health and eyes free of charge, as well as foot massage for participants.

"The purpose of the World Diabetes Day is to raise awareness of the condition affecting millions of Nigerians and people all over the world. It is important that everyone has a deadline to reduce its impact and rapid spread throughout the world – a task that Wellness Patron Health Limited mercilessly continued before, during and after the event, "is further stated.

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