Rajini clarifies the previous remark, says that the opposition, which deals with the BJP, shows its strength


The day after he suggested Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) might be dangerous, because it contradicts me, Rajinikant's superstar explains that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is actually stronger than the combined opposition. The 2.0 star said on Tuesday that if 10 opposition parties gang up against the BJP, this means that the person on the other hand is much stronger.

Rajinikant, who transformed his fan club into the People's Front – Rajini Makkal Mandram – explained his previous remark and said: "My answer is if the opposition parties see the BJP as a dangerous party, then for them (the opposition parties), the BJP is a dangerous party People need to decide. "Then he added:" If ten people gather with one, I imagine who is strong. You can decide. "

Rajinikanth took a step forward to confirm PM Modi and named him stronger than the entire Mahagathbandhana (Grand Alliance).

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BJP spokesman Narayanan Thirupathi, who assesses his remarks, said: "Rajinikanth was ridiculing with DMK and other parties who made up Mahagathbandhan, he clearly said that Modia is the strongest leader. Over the past four and a half years, we have done a good job If Rajinikanth wants to join the BJP, the party's leadership will discuss and decide on it before the elections. "

The voice of the player, with his ideology of spiritual politics, says that he is close to the BJP, which also has Hindutva's ideology. Although neither the BJP nor Rajinikanth accepted any conversation, the BJP has always argued that there is no harm in combining hands.

Thirupathi, while pointing out that the top leaders of the BJP will be negotiating the Alliance, said: "Rajini has similar views, such as the BJP. When ten other parties can join hands, why not be Rajini and BJP who share similar views ? "

In the meantime DMK decided to keep silent on the comments. But Secretary General of the CPI (M), Sitaram Yechury, said that the DMK will stand firm.

Yechury said: "I greatly respect the Rajinikant as a player. Fifteen years ago, the previous generation of reporters asked us if there was any alternative to Vajpayee. What happened after that?"

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During this time AIADMK was ridiculed by the Rajinikant in order to explain the statement again and again.

Tamil Nadu fisheries minister, D Jayakumar, said: "Rajinikant one word on one day and another thing on another day. As for AIADMK, the people of Tamil Nadu are real master and they will decide."
Because waiting for Rajini's political championship continues, analysts in the country believe that they have to clarify their position and must not always take on diplomatic channels.

Political analyst Sumanth C Raman said: "It was media interactivity that clarified the previous interaction with the press. For the sake of clarity, I do not know what is preventing him from being precise and talking what he's thinking in. It will not be long. help. "

"Maybe he thinks this will be a bit of a blow when it comes to someone. In politics, you have to take a position somewhere over time, and until now we do not know where it stands, and it would be best if it comes with a categorical clarification."

On Monday, Rajinikanth, while answering journalists' questions in Chennai, said that if the majority of opposition parties consider the BJP to be dangerous, it must be so.

He added that the government of the Democratic Union of the NDA in the Center does not behave well in carrying out demonetization.

The player repeated his BJP's favor.

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