Multiplexes do not sell samosas, not good movies & # 39;

In the 49th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), on Wednesday, the biggest mafia priming the film industry is the "Multiplex Mafia".

Addressing a press conference, Mr. Ravail said that there was a need to develop infrastructure for distributing good films at a low price.

"Multiplexes have become the biggest mafia preaching the industry, not interested in promoting good films, but only selling high-quality samosas and popcorn," said Mr. Ravail.

Inclusive films

Significantly, Major Ravi, another jury member, said that 18 transcendent films were held for selection in the year's edition.

He noted that the Jury members have taken a lot of pain in selling the best films and have ensured that the Indian Panorama section gives a pan-Indian movie experience to the viewers.

In answer to a question, Mr. Ravail and other jury members denied having refused any film on the ground that it was "anti-national".

Respond to a query, the chairman said, "There is no such thing as a national film or anti-national film, the jury records all the movies that come before it Indian movies."

He stated that the controversy about some of the films of the Indian Panorama was poor and that the jury was given full self-interest in the decision.

Pan-India appeal

Highlighting the range of films featured in the Indian Panorama section in IFFI, Mr. Ravail said that the selection of selected films includes the set in Ladakh, Lakshwadeep and Assam.

"It was a tough exercise to select 22 films from a list of more than 100 films that were simply great," he remarked.

He also agreed, in response to a question, that the composition of the Indian Panorama feature film Jury has no female film maker. He admitted that it was "not fair", but did not feel it was done deliberately.

Vinod Ganachra, non-feature film Jury Chairman, asked young film makers not to compromise on the script while making a movie.

Meanwhile, Director of Shawnee N. Karun's Olu Opened in the Individual Panorama's feature film section at IFI.

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