Do not hold genuine pilgrims, HC directs the police

A Division of the Kerala High Court has prevented the police from preventing authentic pilgrims, individually or in groups, from advancing to Sabarimal and chanting Sarana Mantras.

The Bank based Justice p.R. Ramachandra Menon and Justice. Anil Kumar has made it clear that the prohibition release issued under section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code would not stand in the way of the genuine pilgrimage to Sabarimala and also chanting of Sarana Mantras.

The Court, however, adds that if someone breaks peace, it is up to the police to identify the violators and take appropriate action against them. The court directed the government government to produce the files, including police reports, leading to the issue of prohibiting orders.

The Bank has passed the Order on Two Work Petitions claiming the validity of the prohibited orders issued by the Pathamamtitta and Cotayam District Collectors in Sabarimala and its adjoining areas.

On police officer

The court noticed that there was an opportunity to see that the police were waking up to sleeping pilgrims and sending them out in Sabarimala. The chief said that the police did not stop by the oral instructions of the Central Chief of Conduct not to prevent the use of the Nadappanthal pheromones.

The chief asked whether the Inspector general vaccine was issued in Sabrina was the same official who was charged in the Soviet Union dead case.

The court asked the lawyer general if the Superintendent of Police Yatish Chandra is the same officer who was allegedly involved in the case with the atrocities against women and children who have protested against the LPG terminal in Vypeen.

The site also criticized the management of the SP to the UDF leader in Puma on Tuesday. The officer's body language was really painless! Then.

The central astonished as the population could be posted to deal with criminal elements coming to Sabarimala in the dress of ayyappa devotees.

The yard also asked whether the IG and SP did not understand Malayalam. If they knew Malalaman, why they can not understand the point in the prohibition order that Santa Mantras should not be prevented.

The court sought the details of the officers, including their former experience in controlling the crowd in Sabarimala.

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