Dad Tiago JTP and Tigers JTP First drive: A lesson in acquiring correctness


You probably are here because you like the car, JTP Tata Tiago and Tigor JTP have attracted you. But if I asked you for a reason why you love cars, then it's likely that you would say that this is because you drive them, it's fun. This is an entertaining factor that deprives people of enjoying these devices on wheels, but let's be honest with the type of cars that come in the Indian market for less than 20 kilograms Rs in the last few years, economical, practical, affordable and so on .

A part of the "fun" usually comes to the list of priorities for designing these cars, and in case it takes precedence over other factors, it requires you to discontinue the bank and use the bomb. But everything that will change with the advent of these two Tata JTPs, and this simply because these cars give the advantage of a fun factor and do not require you to rob the bank. (OK, no more bank references).
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Let's understand why it is, step by step.
Tata-Tiago-Tigor-JTPDad Tiago JTP and Tigor JTP are the implementation versions of existing models. (Photo by Manav Sinha /

First, it looks. Existing Dad Tiago and Tigor have already been one of the best cars in their segment and versions of JTP, somehow they use it even more with the help of such wonderful changes. From the front, both cars are similar to each other. JTP gets a new bumper, which gets a trapezoidal lower mask, a large hood for the fog lamp, and the upper half of the grille is updated to make it look sharper. Both get smoked headlights of chrome-plated projectors that move well with a dark theme that continues with the car. And the output function, really, is venting on the lid.

Tata-Tiago-Tigor-JTP-FeatureDad Tiago JTP and Tiger JTP look the same from the front. (Photo by Manav Sinha /

On both sides of the vehicle, new lightweight 15-inch alloy wheels are added, supplemented by side wings that give the car an aggressive posture. The roof was also dimmed and the contrasting rear-view mirrors give the car some character and is on the reverse side where these cars start to look different. Tigor gets a clear LED backlight and the chrome-plated tape from regular Tigar has got a glossy black finish, just like the updated rear bumper. The highlight of the rear profile, though, is the double exhaust system that looks like a business. But if we had to choose a better car look, our choice would be Tiago, as it is better to integrate these exhaust gears with the rear bumper using a diffuser-like design element.

Tata-Tigor-JTP-RearTata Tigor JTP from behind. (Photo by Manav Sinha /

In the interior of the car, the cabins received contrasting red elements around the air ventilation openings, and the seats also received contrasting sewing. The instrument panel gets JTP badging, and the only difference in terms between them is the different set of buttons for climate control under the infotainment system. It is good that Tiago JTP got an infotainment system to touch, but the system with which the pre-facelift Tigor came. And there is also the Tigar JTP. While we love the cabin of both these cars and are one of the best cabin to be in terms of design and construction quality, missing on the latest infotainment system given by Daddy with facelifted Tigor, he missed it.

Tata-Tigor-JTP-InteriorsJTP Tata Tiago interior. (Photo by Manav Sinha /

But the change that tells you that you are in the cabin of a successful car are the contact points that the driver has with the car. This also includes a steering wheel and a gearbox that is better adhered to because they are lined with leather and the gas pedals, brakes and clutches are now made of aluminum with rubber brackets and look great.

All together, in terms of pure appearance, JTP brothers and sisters stand out from the crowd and steal attention on the road.

Tata-Tigor-JTPDad JTP Brothers and Brothers steal the center of attention while on the go. (Photo by Manav Sinha /

So, in terms of design, both Tata Tiago JTP and Tigers JTP make a wonderful task to turn heads, wherever they go, and pull compliments from those who enter their cabin. And this is not really as big as a surprise as a model by model, Tata Motors is upping a game in terms of design.

But in fact you can not call them until they deliver on it. To do this, both cars on board are stronger engines.

Tata-Tiago-Tigor-JTP-engineTata Tiago JTP and the cover of the Tigar JTP engine come with the payment of the Kari Motor Raceway racing. (Photo by Manav Sinha /

First, and most often, you see these lines around the JTP badge on the bonnet? Well, this is the Kari Motor Speedway plan in Coimbatore, the race track where these cars were developed, and this is a fantastic design element.

The engine on board is a 1.2-liter turbocharged engine with 150 Nm of torque and 114 horsepower at a speed of 5,000 rpm. This comes with a 5-speed manual transmission. And the JTSV did not stop to simply increase strength and call it on a day, grateful.

They dropped the driving height, gave a wider, higher specification tire and say that the new exhausts also help with the performance. The result is a car that has a change of character after-2000 RPM – from everyday hatchback to pocket rocket – and pulls up to 5500 rpm. And at every stage of the RPM you are welcomed by the pleasant sounds of the turbocharged door. The car feels so planted at high speeds and sharp corners, and driving feedback is so good that you can feel that the car can take as much power as it is on the board. We took everything in cars on city roads, motorways and even some twistys, and the car took everything in step with grace.

Tata-Tiago-Tigor-JTP-1The ride height has been abandoned, with wider, higher tire specifications that cars feel sporty. (Photo by Manav Sinha /

The only difference between two cars in terms of reversing is due to their differences in their dimension and weight. Tiago JTP feels slightly peppy both, while Tigor JTP is slightly more relaxed in corners.

And when you combine them together, the JTSV hit the nail on the head when it comes to the big three factors that make the car "fun" – it looks exciting, it goes around the corners that attract the driver with a smile and sounds good too.

Tata-Tiago-Tigor-JTP-2Daddy Tiago JTP and Tigor JTP offer fun quota, which is difficult to match in its segment. (Photo by Manav Sinha /

And here is the identity of both these cars. Do not think of them as the ultimate car of horsepower that has only been made with the power of bump in the name of performance. These cars are more fun than anything else you can get in less than, say Rs 15 lakh. Given that TTP Tiago JTP costs 6.39 lakh and Tata Tigor JTP costs 7.49 lakh (all ex-showroom prices, Delhi), you'll save a lot of money compared to more expensive cars on the market that you should buy to we would have this great fun on four wheels. And here's the thing, spend what you've saved on this car, get under his skin, pull it and take it to the next level as you like. Perhaps this is how you get the automotive effect "right".

And, of course, are not those who would like to make all the car lovers a success at the end of the day?

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