Trading in the Hungarian park was good

The stock exchange index of Budapest Stock Exchange opened with growth.

On Wednesday, the stock exchange index of the Budapest Stock Exchange, BUX, began to rise by an increase of 7.66 points to 38,261.32 points. It grew by 0.02 percent compared to the final value on Tuesday.

A few minus trading on European markets, an analyst at Concorde Securities Zrt, was on Wednesday at the opening of the Budapest Stock Exchange. Márió Kocsis said that investors on Wednesday and news of the negotiations in Brexit are following most of the quarterly data of Hungarian GDP.

Photo: Móricz-Sabján Simon

He commented on the leading stakes, the Mol course rate fell from 3,000 forints, so the next support would be 2946 forints. The Richter course continues to range between 5,000 and 4,500 US dollars.

Stock Exchange Index, Budapest Stock Exchange, BUX, was 144.19 points, up 0.38% to 38,252.65 points, closing on Tuesday. Turnover on the stock market amounted to 16.6 billion forints.

  • Mol weakened for Ft 36, which is 1.19 percent to 2978 forints, with a revenue of 1.9 billion forints.
  • OTP shares increased by 300 HUF, 2.73% to HUF 11,300 and their turnover amounted to HUF 11.6 billion.
  • The exchange rate of Magyar Telekom increased by 3.75 percent to 0.75 percent to 405 million tolars and its turnover amounted to 225.5 million tolars.
  • The price of Richter's paper fell by 90 forints, 1.68 percent to 5260 forints and their turnover reached 1.5 billion forints.

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