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The number of voters (kata) of the taxpayer of taxable persons exceeded three hundred thousand euros, which means that almost every third company chooses this method of taxation, announced Finance Minister Mihajl Varga on Sunday.

According to Mihaly Varg, data on the approach show that smaller companies are willing to pay simple and low taxes. According to the head of the department, the popularity is understandable, since this is the simplest and most cost-effective form of taxation of the Hungarian tax.

In principle, they must pay fifty thousand forints to the State Fund in each month and pay an amount that will be disposed of by corporate income tax and income tax, contributions and contributions to social contributions.

The system of regulations does not impose a burdensome administration on the economic operators concerned, which can easily and without too much financial costs pay its tax liabilities. It is also important, the Finance Minister said, at the end of 2016, at the end of 2016, Parliament doubted the rate of income tax on kata, which is why companies can now opt for this tax method that earns a million forints per month.

In the future, Mihály Varga set up Hungarian SMEs with easier rules for delivering public services. Among the measures, it underlined a favorable amendment to the exemption rule for general taxation. If Parliament adopts the proposal of the Ministry of Finance, next year the maximum amount of VAT for the smallest company will be raised by four million forints to twelve million forints.

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