In most countries, Lenovo, Asus or HP lead the way in computer sales, but according to the latest data, in Japan, Apple has taken the lead.

Market research companies generally understand the concept of PC aggregation differently than we do for the average user: while the latter think of Windows desktops, market researchers include, for example, two-in-one machines. So the scope of immersion is wide, but even so, it’s surprising why company became Japan’s largest “PC maker,” as Apple won that honor.

BCN Retail Market Research Statistics – Quotes Softpedia – show that thanks to the new M1-chip devices, Apple has become Japan’s number one PC manufacturer (taking into account the sales numbers of retailers and online stores), and if this trend does not change, it may better match others.

In terms of PC sales, Apple’s market share was 15 percent between August and November (at which time Lenovo still struggled for third place with Japan), but the debut of the Apple Silicon project, especially the Max with the M1 chip, has A huge boost to 27.1 percent increased. Make no mistake: The analyst company said Apple improved its market share by 14.4 percent in just one week, and depending on how sales turned out during the holiday season, there is a good chance that the numbers will continue to grow.

When you learn more about the performance of Apple’s in-house chip, the data above are not so surprising, as you do not want to get more performance and an increase in battery life (even if you can afford the new Max financial ). And then we did not even mention that Apple is already working on the successor to the M1 chipset: the M1X is expected to be unveiled in the spring in a new 16 “MacBook Pro.

If you’re even more interested in how Apple managed to make such a chipset that surpassed Intel’s, read this article.

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