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The Netherlands played the World Champion in France in the 1st Group A. The two teams were important: the French would win their scoring group and the Dutch on the home side could win one of their highest innings. The latter merged, which means that Germany certainly left the league.

France was the strongest player in the world, but did not have a chance against an incredibly good Dutchman. Ronald Koeman had 64% possession of the ball, and he tried to shoot 19 times, 11 of whom found the door. On the other hand, France have only two players from seven attempts, they are pleased to have won 2-0.


France has already played all matches in the group in seven points, while the 6-point Netherlands and 1 point Germany match each other. This means that the French do not dominate over their own destiny, and the Dutch, due to their balance, come to the Germans to win the group. And the German country does anything, it will definitely say goodbye to League A.

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