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So it looks right inside! [VIDEO]


Oops: Microsoft Could Have Predicted Project for the First Time in a Game Streaming Service Called Project Xclock Has been tested by some studios!

We have repeatedly talked about how the streaming service of Microsoft evolved, but the hardware itself is not much discussed. The games (which will be publicly tested for streaming in October) will be released from Microsoft data centers to our device (such as mobile), and Kareem Chodhry, Xbox Streaming Host, has introduced the inside of these servers. Plug the inside of eight Xbox One's consoles into a 2U rack (designed specifically for Microsoft). The rocks are located in 13 regions worldwide. In the video below, you can see the servers within 45 minutes – just a minute, but this is not a strong but strong demonstration, but the new feature that sets 8 Xbox One's consoles is important!

In the same video, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, talks about not expecting a cloud-based game to be launched soon (that's why they haven't put Xbox one X hardware on servers?), So the public test will be kind of The basis for the program, which will slowly recover over several years. The groundwork is currently underway will support for a decade, Spencer says. (Which will be a bit hardware-wise in the future – again, what don't we do with Xbox One X hardware?) The Xbox SEO also talked about how Microsoft's gaming streaming goals will make them reach far more people worldwide than before So you don't have to buy a console to play. Of course, the cost to us, unless it will be, has not been mentioned.

Against Google Stadium, xCloud is starting to show itself. Beyond the PlayStation Now, for example, there is now the Atlas of Electronic Arts project Atlas, as it has already been announced in future plans for the two-letter publisher. (And remember, Sony and Microsoft will work together on cloud-based technologies, just against Google …)

Source: Gamespot

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