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Although the Christmas World Championship championship ended almost three months ago, a real "boxing" has just started. According to the International Federation (AIBA), this was the best youth of all time, adding it is probably the most expensive: for the moment, the event was closed with a deficit of 348 million forints, events that are being investigated by the prosecution.

Tests of the consequences of the extremely devastated fate began this spring when the Presidency of the Alliance moved from Gyor to Budapest to the Danube Arena. Győrs was informed that the arena in the city in all respects did not meet all the stringent AIBA requirements.

With a spectacular spell in the capital, which could accommodate more than five thousand spectators, AIBA convinced that adult world races could trigger the exterior – took place on August 20 and 31 with a little fan. the world event that exploded the bomb: less than 348 million forints. In recent newspapers, numerous articles have been published in recent days, accusing them of fraud and falsification of the Hungarian Association for Martial Arts (MÖSZ). On Sunday afternoon, MÖSZ issued a statement declaring the allegations. The organization noted, among other things, that three persons led the economic background of the World Bank, but left the MÖSZ.

"The formal procedure began to clarify whether it was responsible for criminal cases at the World Youth Championship in 2018, to persons involved in decision-making and enforcement processes, only unpaid accounts and violations of the accounting system" – it is stated in the publication of the MÖSZ.

"We would have 76.2 million forints from the World Bank's costs," said Sándor Balogh, general manager of Bp Nonprofit 2017 Ltd., managing the Danube Arena. we have a bid to agree with another company in May to provide a technical background. "

"As President, I have to bear the full responsibility if something fails, as it should be," said Zsolt Erdei, President of the Hungarian Government. "It seemed that the World Bank budget could not be deterred, AIBA had strict and serious expectations, we requested EMMI, but we rejected the request for an additional budget, and then we tried to reduce spending where it was possible. Unfortunately, it seemed that we could not keep the budget. "

Erdei added: "He is not a legal and economic expert, he is best for boxing.

"I am accused of people I trust, and I think they are the best in their field of expertise," said the head of sport. "When I saw a big problem after the end of the World Cup, I suggested to the Bureau to ask for a lawsuit, but they were defeated. I am still tested because I am undoubtedly responsible for this."

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