"My team cries in the wardrobe and you have to listen to them."

In the 17th round NB II, with the goal of Hursán György and Urbin Péter, Békéscsaba led to a 2-0 lead in Soroksarjev's 57th minute. with 86 minutes and 87 minutes with a free kick. Gábor Boér, head coach Csabáti, was thoroughly evaluated on the club's website and rejected "some people say b-word after the game."

Gábor Boér was highly rated (Photo: beol.hu)

"I think this is a bitterness and I do not want to hear that some people say letter b after the game "The website of the club said Gábor Boér. My team cries in the wardrobe, the actors have given their hearts and souls to the track, they have their father, and then they have to listen to them from the auditorium and read them in social media. When I leave home from a very good team home, I do not understand why we need such comments ?! Unfortunately, this is happening to me all over the world and I do not know where to go, I find it incomprehensible, but without it I will not go. These guys are worthy of praise, not magic, and such words! "

"In history it has been so many times that we scored two goals within a few minutes, I am very sorry. We know that we have won the winning game from our hands, but not because we wanted it, but because many people are practically on the knees. We can not upgrade as we should, in the weeks leading up to the match, the same people play continuously. I had to make two forced substitutions, so I had to go to the match. There were many factors that led to the outcome, but we played for eighteen minutes perfect tactical discipline and played a great match. The guys do everything from week to week to serve fans and they must hear from anyone who is disgusting and outrageous. "

Boer's statement apparently suggested that after the meeting several people voted out, but the young coach's shouts were somewhat shaken by the fact that, according to National Sports fans, they were not screaming in this field, they were murdered by refereeing activities and by Adam Pillos.

We know that there were about 30 Békéscsaba drukker outside, of course they were disappointed with the outcome, but the word "b" had no sound. It is also interesting that Boer did not talk about the alleged coat at the press conference after the game, but only evaluated the match.

On the biggest community site, some of the different players agreed, adding to one of the club's posts during the match, he wrote that "You just brought him in order not to get to the right place, " or the other does not understand how to win the winning match in two minutes – he said "It's the Békéscsaba".

Gábor Boér has already shown resentment in the past when, after the Tiszakécskej championship, he asked how they can get rid of their cushions, jump and complain with Soty.

Békéscsaba is for the Soroksar draw 2-2 32 points and is in 3rd place NB II.

Bekescsaba 1912 PRI 2-2 (0-1)
Szamosi Mihály Sporttelep, 300 views. led: Adam Pillows (Gergely Becséri, Kepe Arnold)
Soroksári: D. Kovács – Gárdos, Dvorschak, Valencsik, Bor – Lőrinczy, Derekas (Pál A., 61.), Gyömbér, Tamási Zs. (Albert Á., 69), Kundrák (Kovács D., 76) – Lakatos I. Main coach: Peter Leipzig
Bekescsaba: (Mezzáros M., 78), Lustyik (Szinanovics, 89), Szatmári I. – Urbin. Main coach: Gabor Boér
goal: Hursan (0-1), 39, Urbin (0-2) 57. Wine (1-2) in 86th place, D. Kovács (2-2) after 87 minutes
Péter Lipcsei: – It was a balanced run, each point has a value. It's amazing that in three minutes we will get two goals.
Gábor Boér: "The end result is tired, there are many missing. We believe that we had a victory, but in the last few moments three points came from the hands.

1st win FC Győr17121441-18+ 23 37
2. ZTE FC17105229-1910 35
3. Békéscsaba Next179.5330-219 32
4. Rákóczi FC Kaposvár178.7229-236 31
5. Budaörs179.2627-198 29
6. Kazincbarcika1775531-238 26
7. FC Csákvár1768.331-265 26
8. Tiszakécske VSE1768.319-20-1 26
9. Soroksár SC1774629-254 25
10. ETO FC Győr1765628-226 23
11. Vác FC1749.415-18-3 21
12. Vasas FC1749.423-28-5 21
13. Dorogi FC1755723-27-4 20
14. Ceglédi VSE17548.17-25-8 19
15. Balmazújváros1746716-20-4 18
16. BFC Siófok1738.614-21-7 17
17. Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC17368.22-26-4 15
18. Monor17331120-30-10 12
19. Budafoki MTE17331115-30-15 12
20. Mosonmagyaróvár17251012-30-18 11

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