Mercedes will double the number one – Ferrari is in Brazil?


In the Mercedes series, you can build a building vb title for the fifth time (Photo: AFP)

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2: Le Valtteri Bottas won his first win in the season. If the Finns can not do it, it will not be the only one to win this year, it would be the first Mercedes, who failed to get a hybrid race since the season.

2: Sebastian Vettel was placed on the 2nd position with a bum which recorded his best place from the Belgian Grand Prix. But that was not enough for the German to fall into the competition.

3: Lewis Hamilton was the third time to win his title in a way that he did not celebrate the podium. In 2008, it was the fifth place, the ninth year of 2017, and the fourth year was enough to conclude the World Cup.

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Three of the world's five LewisHamilton titles ranked in races where they did not finish at the podiums Brazil 2008 Mexico 2017 Mexico 2018 # F1

3: The British were caught by Juan Manuel Fangio, who became the only Formula One history player with at least five championships. In addition to Michael Schumacher, Hamilton can now say that he defended his title at two different championships (when it was interrupted for at least one year).

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Third member of the special # F1 club The incredible achievement @LewisHamilton #MexicoGP

3: Career Daniel Ricciarda got 3rd prize, and Red Bull was 60th after winning the first prize in the US Grand Prix 2013.

5: Verstappen, although he missed the race, changed to second place in the race to win. The Dutch won the 5th win, while they wrote for Bruce McLaren (4) and Eddie Irvine (4). For now, one of the previous riders has not won more pole positions than Red Bull, who joined Jim Clark, Nigel Mansell, and Alain Prost in the Mexican triumph.

5: In Mexico, the fifth place took place in the championship, and 50 years later the VB Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez battle ended for two consecutive years.

8: Daniel Ricciardo suffered a seasonal eighth loss in Mexico, and the fourth after the summer show was forced to cancel the race due to the cancellation of the car.

9: as Hamilton was fourth in the finish line, the series of podiums, which ran from 9 races, was interrupted.

11: Räikkönen celebrated his 11th finals in the season, so if he is in the top three races he decides for a single record.

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In 2018, Kimi Raikkonen collected some serious silver. Currently there are only 1 of their best season 12 (2005, 2007). The top three in Brazil and Abu Dhabi would be a new record for Finn! # F1 # F1FastFact

14: but the British smashed the 14-year curse of the Hungarian GP GPs from Schumacher's pilot, as the winner of Hungaroring in 2004 was the first to succeed in the Hungarian season.

110: Vettel reached 110th place, ahead of Hamilt (132) and Schumacher, who stands at the end of the hustle and bustle.

1094: Pierre Gasly started from position 20 and became tenth, with the result that Torro Rosso Verstappen won again in Mexico in the 9th place in 2015. There were 1094 days between the two scoring points.


2: The total of 2 locations – Jacarepagua (10) and Interlagos (35) – have already hosted the Grand Prix of Brazil, which will be held at the 46th week of the week.

36th Brazilian race this weekend in Interlagos (Photo: AFP)
14.00-15.30: 1st training session
18.00-19.30: 2nd training
15.00-16.00: 3rd training
18.00: qualification training
18.10: start of the race (71 laps, 305,909 km)
November 25, 14:10: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

5: Schumacher has reached the fastest round in the race 5 times, Hamilton, which has four such laps, can reach the German on Sunday.

6: Ayrton Senna scored 6 times, while in the 2018 season both Vettel and Hamilton 2, while Fernando Alonso, Nico Hülkenberg and Bottas counted 1 at each level.

5: Hamilton has qualified for Brazil in the last five years, and in 2016, when he won the pole.

6: Prost has won six times in Brazil, among the top ten, while Vettel leads the race with three successes among active pilots. Outside of Germany, Kimi Räikkönen (1) and Hamilton (1) have already won.

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"Professor" is an undisputed master at #BrazilGP @Prost_official # F1

6: Räikkönen is the only one who has been waiting for one of the first six races this year.

9: Of the three riders – except Räikkönen – they all asked for 9 sets of superlongs, while Mercedes and Ferrari had one of the middle blends had another set.

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Samba time! Here is a selection of dancing shoes in Sao Paulo # F1 #BrazilGP # fit4F1

10: Schumacher finished 10 points on the stage, Alonso (8), Räikkönen (6), Vettel (5), Hamilton (4), Verstappen (1) and Bottas (1) were in the race for the current race.

15: He has now reached the 15th place for half a year, while Giancarlo Fisichella has won the most out of the background. The Italian team started in eighth place in 2003 and for the first time rotated the finish line.

50: a given racer can collect up to 50 points, while 3-4. only 9 points between Räikkönen and Bottas.

50: Hamilton will win the 50th victory in the Hybrid Grand Prize 2014, which will be 5th on Evergreen.

86: a particular team can get up to 86 points, Ferrari will have to hit at least 12 points in Brazil to postpone Mercedes's title. If it fails, the German team will win the fifth title of the constructor to make the second longest series of F1 history.

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CONSTRUCTOR STANDINGS With two races on the race, @ MercedesAMGF1 are commanders at the top of the fund. And yelling at @ SauberF1Team, which rises to P8 #MexicoGP # F1

305 909: At the race in Brazil it is 71, long 4309 meters.

2010: In 2010, Nico Hülkenberg transcribed the first half of the year in Interlagos, which has not yet been followed.

2014: Red Bull was not in the lead for one round of the Grand Prix year.

5000: Mercedes has only 16 laps on Sunday to be able to join the 5000-year-old club. In F1, there were four drivers – Ferrari (14,718), McLaren (10,583), Williams (7584) and Lotus (5624) – reached 5,000.

1: 11 044: 1: 11.044, run by Verstappen in the 2017 race, is considered a round plate in Interlagos.

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