Legionnaires: a masterpiece with two bombs – a great day in Szobosli!


With Dominos, led by Szaboszlai Dominik, FC Liefering won the second team in Innsbruck at 4-1 in the fourth round of the Austrian second division football league. An 18-year-old Hungarian midfielder shot his first goal from a penalty shoot-out and then reached a 18-meter tall shooter and free kick.

Domosławi Dominik (second in the second) is in his most memorable match ever in the Austrian second division (Photo: Twitter / FC Liefering)

Dominica's Domino's career has played the most memorable match in the Austrian second line! The age group chose talent in 15 minutes the strictest sentence led to another team in Innsbruck, and after the break, he became a hero of matches: at the beginning of the day With a height of 18 meters He changed his position to 3-1 and reached one for the last quarter of an hour free shot target He made a 4-1 final.

Szoboszlai triple for the first time in the Austrian second league, which has eight meetings for six goals and four times this helps.

Liefering finished his fifth round in this win and seventh place on the table.

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