It has announced a VR autosimulator for McLaren and HTC


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In May, McLaren and HTC announced that they will develop partnerships for future VR Development, and one of its benefits is the newly introduced limited edition Wive Pro headset for which a Raffactor 2 McLaren Edition software is designed. Of the latter, there is no surprise that the simulator refactor 2 has given the Foundation Studio 397 has been modified so that the British racing cars of the British team are available.

Rfactor 2 McLaren Edition Rfactor 2 McLaren Edition Rfactor 2 McLaren Edition Rfactor 2 McLaren Edition
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In addition to Raffactor 2 McClaren Edition different Viewport Subscription, McLaren's Vive Pro VR headset is not necessarily essential for running, and is good for standard versions or Okulus Riff.

The companies concerned are planning the development of the Shadow Project, which is the Makler initiative. The company is trying to find the best simulators world that can join the team's Osport program and take part in various developments, later on as part of the F1 team. The first time the shadow project ends in mid-January.

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Unfortunately, it is unclear that the Vive Pro VR headset from the Limited edition edition of McLaren will be available when and where it will be available, but it is not different from the HTC's own version, so it's primarily designed for McLaren fans.

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