Index – Technical Science – Elon Musk re-captured Big Burst of Curve

SpaceX's general director, Elon Musk, said on Twitter that he built BFR or Big Fucking Rocket, with a total budget of $ 5 billion, in which the Great Missile Kurva was named a compatible, but glittering Starstar Starship. Specifically, the shuttle rocket space is called Starship: a rocket launcher that attacks Earth's mass gravity, it's called Super Heavy.

The Great Shot The Big Rocket (hereinafter referred to as: Starship) was designed for an interstellar journey. Over time, this will replace SpaceX's missile today: Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy.

One tweeter of Men remarked that if they did not send missiles to another star, there would be no star. Musk wrote that "future versions would know" – this means that he could have nineteen cards in connection with a precious project.

The closest star system of the Earth, Alpha Centauri, is 4.3 light from the Earth.

The 118-meter Starship (in the history of Kurve Nagy Raket) and Super Heavy have not yet been completed, they are taking place at a relatively early stage in development. According to Musk, SpaceX used 5 percent of the entire rocket development budget. Promising development is already in place: SpaceX has joined Japanese billionaire Maezao Jusaku to be the first man to send SpaceX to the moon. Then that happens, you do not know; optimistic forecasts for 2023.


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