Index – Sports – FIA breaks emotions, the kindergarten is even more rough


The former Red Bull driver, always a naughty, honest Mark Webber, laughs at the fact that the FIA ​​commissioned Max Verstappent for public work, as he was hurt by the shocking Ocont.

Public Works ?? !! The nursery was more terrifying. Stewards and FIA kill emotions [a Forma-1-ből]

– Webber wrote after a judgment in Twitter, and his article was accompanied by a video that the Australian pilot had to intercept Jenson Button.

The only one who came from Verstappen's punishment was not Webber. According to former world champion Jacques Villeneuve, Ocon obviously was a defect that would be pleased that he was so enthusiastic.

I think Verstappen was very limited. You did not hit him either! What do we want to see? Emotions, gladiators. It was good to see all this.

Verstappen was a great Grand Prix driver in Brazil, almost sure of his victory. In the 44th round, he collided with Esteban Oconom, already taken over, while the French tried to return their return. Both cars spin, but they could continue, but Verstappen fell to second place and failed to reach Lewis Hamilton later.

The Red Bull driver on the line said on the radio, hoping he will not compete with Oconomo in the pillow. It was not united, they met in the judgment – Verstappen was looking for Oconta – and began to push the French, because he was subsequently sentenced to two parts of the public work of the FIA, which he had to do with the automobile association.

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