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"It's well calculated for the wages of the cursors who are crying," he summed up the essence of the lack of airport at the Liszt Ferenc airport, a coupler that worked on our side. Before this week, we tackled this topic when several readers reported that the package that was going through Budapest was opened, investigated and stolen.

The informant, who asked for his name, said that he was ready to talk because the conditions prevailing at the airport in Budapest would overwhelm him who would do his job fairly. The suspension of packages is a permanent problem at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

"This is not the opening of packages in the airport building, the travel package is always reviewed, the workers of different companies work together, there are also airport staff." The stretch begins when the package leaves the building and is moving towards the plane, "the informant explained. But the plane is running decades of routine.

Loaders work in three-level brigades.

One of them covered the trunks on a treadmill, two people in the trunk. One of the workers in the luggage compartment is the loader, the other the operator. At the beginning of the work, the sailor builds a wall on hard-to-access luggage, mostly from a foil casing.

The task of the loader is the most complex. Physical power is needed to get rid of upcoming packets from the conveyor belt. However, you also need good intuition and routine to decide for a moment whether you have a promising suitcase or something that you do not want to cope with. In the latter case, luggage is placed in the trunk. However, if you think it's worth a bundle, throw it behind the built-in wall. Here comes a prey that quickly opens, scans the suitcase and finally returns it back.

A team in such an organization would not have worked accidentally. "The device is charging up to half an hour. Only three people work for three, because one of them is about opening."

Insert the law, why they also do not pay attention to this zone. It turned out that luggage is, in principle, in principle controlled on several points.

There are police officers who come occasionally, but they are the easiest to notice. Every car in the airport has a sign of the company, if we see a civilian car, it is clear that the police are

"He explained our informer.

In the luggage compartment, of course, security guards also work with cameras to capture everything to go straight.

The brackets tell the fuses to turn the camera in

He drew attention to how easy it was to avoid this security measure. And why is the guard still mumble? "These are people with hourly payouts who deal with loaders for all the money. But that was also the fact that the workers told the guards: if you have everything you need to do, you can pack the pack next week because we all go to the pictures . "

These two points are crucial for the status at the airport in Budapest. The reason for the prey is the low pay of workers, on the other hand, the lack of work on the one hand comes from the description of our informer.

No money, few people, so they can steal them

"We make a very difficult task to pay a thousand dollars per hour. We raise tonnes of tonnes per day." In kerosene, you often work on knees that destroy your joints, the hearing protector you get is not worth the loss of hearing. I bought a good protective sign for myself So nobody is worth it, "he described working conditions.

So it is understandable if people need fishing to work. "There are so many people who do not take anyone. In principle, care is needed, but I know a person whose police cases are criminal records but were employed. There is a course and test, but the examiner responded to each passage."

And yet it is completely unimaginable, which acts as a loader, because the third subcontractor employs people. There is little man that he was a worker who was fired, but for several weeks he worked there for only one other subcontractor.

In addition, workers do not apply for a full salary, part of their money is attached. According to the man, they receive an amount of 200-240 thousand HUF per month, but they work 10 hours a day, but three or four times as much. "Everything is based on a worker who does it."

They were constantly stolen

In his opinion, it would be easy to eliminate harmful practices if people were paid. "We hear the amounts paid by airline companies. You can afford this, but in reality nobody cares about what's happening with the packs."

But it had to get worse. Stevedore told me that in Malev time there was still some kind of swearing among the attackers. They stole money from a thousand dollars and created up to 40 percent of good old times. Outbound packages were open, not arrivals. The latter was a more practical reason. "If the incoming package is dirty, it may take a short time. Workers are still packed when the passenger reports theft, but today it does not matter. The airport is open to mystery about what's happening."

Our question is that airport workers are acting like a kind of mafia in an industry with a loaded sex. "There is no contact with managers. The chief of staff gets the money to get a good flight in the brigade.

So protect your package

Following the description of the golden age of existing socialism, the sheriff also shared the hopeful information with us. It's not about improving the situation, but just about protecting our packages. It is important to know that packages do not open only in Budapest, but the places are real, to varying degrees, but everywhere.

Tips for a source that knows about packing machines:

  • Wrap packaging is more macerate to open, and there is less risk of theft.
  • As soon as the package is accepted, check out our suitcase so that we can immediately report any deficiency.
  • Do not leave the value in the suitcase.
  • If you ask for hand luggage on the device, take the time to deliver the values.

He has the experience that there are other safe flights.

  • Tel-Aviv propulsion machines have special safety features and do not steal them.
  • Flight flights are even safe with even low-cost air carriers.

The builder will also advise those who would like to have a job that is challenging, but well paid according to the above. "The police are reluctant to move to people, but randomly check them. It was that external workers were investigated, and when they found something they were canceled. There was still a search.

But such hardness is rare. "

It is the responsibility of airlines

We called the airport what to do about theft. According to Lászl Kurucz, communications officer at Budapest Zrt. Airport, he built a security system in his territory to prevent theft. Abuse takes place in the luggage compartment of the airplane, and these are areas controlled by airlines. The management of the airport is responsible for aviation safety, and the responsibility for handling the luggage is by airline companies, said the communications officer. Server companies also use packet manager and security guards that control them.

"Since March this year at the police and airport in Budapest, airlines and ground servers have addressed this issue at the highest level of governance, and several measures have been introduced at the airport, which significantly reduced the number of luggage shortages. At the same time, as reported in the reports the press service of the previous week, there is still work because no places are considered acceptable, "wrote Laszlo Kurucz.

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