He made a mistake on Kassi. The city was fired by six – you


On the home side of Manchester City, Sahtar Doneck eliminated 6-0 in the fourth round of the league championship, but he is not mathematically convinced to move to the eighth finals as Hoffenheim replaced Ádám Szalai with ten men and two worse goals than a guest. In the match of the English national team Viktor Kassai made a mistake against the home goal.

Gabriel Jesus (left) traveled to Manchester City for the first time (Photos: AFP)

England's Premier League Premier League Manchester City won a 3-0 win over Ukraine two weeks ago with more victories. Pep Guardiole took the lead 13 minutes into the game David Silva Spanish midfielder Riad Mahrez led past the goalkeeper and gave him a detailed look at the goal. This was Silva's third goal in the current BL season, which already brought his personal top (1-0).

In the middle of the first half, Viktor Kassai's double mistake doubled the advantage of Manchester City. The Hungarian judge found that Raheem Sterling, in the sixth defense position, defended the defender – while the sky in a given world without anything to do with a pinch in the English playground – was sentenced to a penalty. Gabriel Jesus he greeted the gift pencil and the ball overtook the bottom right corner (2-0).

Sterling fell on his knee, kneeling in the penalty area of ​​Košice

In turn Sterling he twisted in the door of the Sahtar gate after defeating two advocates. According to Sergio Aguero, the English national striker is the second player in Manchester City history, who scored at least 10 goals in the Champions League (3-0).

The fourth in 72 minutes, Jesus shot, again with seventeen fines. The charge was much more irregular than the first penalty before Defender Sahtar reached the ball before David Silva came in (4-0).

After 84 minutes Mahrez He also ran (5-0). then overtime, when the Algerian teammate stretched out Gabriel Jesus with a reversal raised in 6-0 outcome. Brazilian team-mate attacker is able to mark the first hat-trick in Manchester City.

LYON Hoffenheim

In the confrontation between the French and German teams, from 19 to 92, it seemed to be a man. The city hit Sahtar's blow, but from Hoffenheim, which raised the castle, Lyon left the point, leaving all the questions open – at least mathematically.

French team Nabil Fekir in Tanguy Ndombele results 2-0 it can move away from the fracture. As for the latter, it is interesting that he scored his second goal in the fourth position of BL, while at the 47th meeting in the French league he was never successful.

At the start of the second half, Kasim's first red card in the first league, Hoffenheim, was even more difficult, but he was a good fighter and was on board with Ádám Szalai. Hungarian striker in the 67th minute, Andrej Kramarić for a happy goal (2-1) and I can congratulate on the course on the court Pavel Kaderabek to achieve the goal of the equalizer (2-2).

Hoffenheim made history with this resurrection, as no team in the Champions League could ever recover from ten to 0-2.

If Lyon wins, then Hopfenheim and Sahtar hope to progress, they would lose, but it is still a big fight for the second place in the group.



Lyon (French) -Hoffenheim (Germany) 2-2 (2-0)
Lyon, OL Stadium, 53 850 views. led: Makkelie (Dutch)
goal: Fekir (20th), Ndombele (28th) Kramarić (65th place), Kaderábek (92nd place)
Posted by: Kasim (51, Hoffenheim)

Manchester City (English) -Sahtar Donetsk (Ukrainian) 6-0 (2-0)
Manchester, City of Manchester Stadium, 52 286 views. led: Kassai (Hungarian)
goal: David Silva (13th), Gabriel Jesus (24th, 72nd, 92nd – first two out of 11), Sterling (49th), Mahrez (84th place)

1. Manchester City 4 3 1 12-3 9 9.
2. Lyon 4 1 3 9-8 1 6
3. Hoffenheim 4 3 1 8-9 -1 3
4. Sahtar Donetsk 4 2 2 4-13 -9 2

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