Federer has climbed the world championship, and Nizikori has fired on the field


Roger Federer beat Dominic Thiem at the ATP World Championship, so he has the opportunity to come from his team.

Federer lost in Japan in the first round with a great surprise and Thiem could not make a mistake. This time, the Swiss tennis player ensured a self-confident game that quickly interrupted the uncertain Austrian. The first set was 6: 2. In the second, Federer dominated, although Thiem's ​​game picked up, while the Swiss reached 6: 3.

In the second match of the group, Kevin Anderson simply dropped out of the Nisiko field, which lost 11 pistols in a row, fell 6: 0, 6: 1.

In the last round, Federer plays with Anderson, and in order to make sure, you have to overcome this move.

Result, Lleyton Hewitt, 2nd round:

  • Federer (Switzerland, 2nd) – Thiem (Austrian, 6th) 6: 2, 6: 3
  • Anderson (South Africa, fourth) – Nisikori (Japanese, seventh) 6: 0, 6: 1

Position: 1. Anderson 2 wins / 2 matches, 2. Nisikori 1/1, 3. Federer 1/1, 4. Thiem 0/2

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