Charge Chrome


It will point to mobile website sites.

The day before he discovered that Google Chrome, starting in December, beginning with point 71, would block malicious ads on websites that were published since early December.

They will alert you that mobile phones will be bullied with web sites known in ChromeForrs: Google

In the past, you will not be afraid of security in December: Chrome will try to warn service providers that do not understand the reader

they will be able to stop using their phones on their mobile phones.

Of course, it is also necessary to draw attention to the problem, but it does not directly affect how often and how much the road needs to be tightened.

According to Google, the boss spends millions of dollars each time traveling to such sites.

It's not clear how the system works, but it looks like Chrome looks like a Chrome browser on the server page.

Chromium launches a warning when loading plug-ins for mobile devices and plug-ins plug-ins. In fact, mobile phones and desktop versions will also be featured.

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