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Black Friday misses a lot of action


Shops and Webshop promotions are being prepared by a multi-month planning and preparation time. Is the other side, how many customers are preparing for Black Friday this year? Recent research on black Friday's shopping plans reveal that although Hungarians are less enthusiastic than last year, they would still spend up to 110 billion forints if they could find the products they are interested in at a reasonable price.

This year, Black Friday a little longer than the previous one. In the past few years, the media was high on the advertising and advertising of the Black Friday promotions, this year we were less able to see the shops and webshop calls. Overall, even the subtle enthusiasm among adult teachers is susceptible: Although most of those are planning to buy at Black Friday (47%), three out of ten are uncertain and have not yet been able to decide if they want to buy something at the black Friday.

Does the high rate of insecure mean that the hype is over the black Friday? In the last year, according to the research of ENT, for example, in Black Friday, half of buyers in stores or in webchopers, for example, are reluctant, one tenth of them found negligible discounts. In fact, there was a smaller group of 7 percent who found that the discount was not the last of the product but a previous list price. All of them could have a bad impact on the interest of customers in black Friday.

But in less enthusiastic enthusiasm, in addition to the bad memories, it is also possible to avoid the late delivery of online-based packages at this time, and net vendors have made their purchases at the end of the year even earlier (27 percent of Late-late late last year carriers said they would do so before their purchases), and they have already been promoting promotions. In October-November, there are different promotional days-weekends: for example. Crazy days, free days, glamor days, joy days, etc. In the last couple of years, more and more businesses and ships are participating and those who do not join will announce their coupon days. The Black Friday if they want to buy a discount, and they do not even have to worry that there may be no time for a gift at the end of November under the tree.

Of course, that does not mean that the Black Friday Star is going to be on the go. Despite the fact that the group is generally smaller than Black Friday, they have a lot to do with their black Friday purchases compared to last year's plans. While in 2017 it is approx. 36,000 forints are planned to be spent on the actions, the 2018 basket value is an average of 6,000 forints higher and reaches 42,000 forints. The average spend for potential buyers will result in a turnover of 110-112 billion forints, so the smaller group plans to spend as much as those who planned their purchases a year earlier (last year, it was 120 billion forints).

Although based on the measurement of enet, only half of the preliminary design has been implemented last year, there is a relatively big interest in the actions, and now it's only up to shops and ships to be able to meet the size of their shopping Requirements. As you can see, the demand was for the fight, another question is whether the shops are willing to sell the products and give them the price they hurt their teeth.

The Top 5 Shop, a webchop that they plan to design / designers at Black Friday, based on a representation on Enet Adult Internet, is based on EMAG, MEDIAMARK, EXTREME DIGITAL, Euronics, and TESCO (in order of frequency). Compared to the last year, EMAG, Euronics and Tesco can increase their popularity among blacklisted designers, but did not enter Top5 this year after the last year of the fourth place.

It is also noteworthy that, despite the challenges and sometimes the adventures of the delivery of online orders, the Black Friday continues to work online. Nearly half of the buyers plan to buy online and offline on Black Friday, but four out of ten online (last year, only one-third of the buyers planned to buy online). Half of the designers buy a real action hunter, anticipating it, knowingly preparing for the Black Friday, and is ready to start shopping at the beginning of the fight to buy the coveted products.

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