Bence Tordai was sitting in parliamentary fire with the seat of the "Mérce"


The two-part Karaoke Punch has a speech similar to the presentation of today's dialogue, Bence Tordai. It's just from the parliamentary wiretap.

Parliament has discussed a number of important changes to the law, including legislation on administrative courts, as we have already said that this topic is not overly interested in government representatives, despite the fact that László Trócsányi, the Minister of Justice, is an exceptional event of Hungarian legal history.

Tordai did not speak in this debate, but in the debate on the change of civil law. In his speech, he did not say anything other than the repetition of the abbreviation CÖF, the Civilian Convergence Forum, which included government "civilians". The President resigned from the meeting for the renaming agent. The scenario was posted by ATV on Facebook:

The amendment to the law increases the volume of state subsidies available to non-governmental organizations, thereby increasing the normative support of donations collected by NGOs from the current 5 to 10 percent. At the same time, more budgetary resources are allocated, but a more efficient allocation of available resources is planned. However, it increases the individual ministerial support framework, which may even mean increasing the amount of arbitrarily allocated funds without supervision and control.

In addition, the government is increasingly concerned about the decisions of the cash distributor, the National Cooperation Fund, which is not managed by the President of the President, CÖF László Csizmadia.

Indeed, his Tordai measure implements the meaning (absurdity) of parliamentary debates in the national cooperation system. Two thirds of loyalty does not even occur in life disputes or even before they start. And if he is involved in the debates, he does not just claim to repeat the learned words, such as "Soros" or "Migrants".

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