A special action is launched by low-cost airline


Six new roads will open in the summer of Timetable in 2019, Ryanair's cheap low-cost airline from Budapest and two new Boeing 787-800 arrive at the ferry base, announced Olga Pavlonka, regional sales and marketing manager at Aircraft in Budapest.

According to him The company will increase the number of airplanes on the 4-7th base, and will launch new flights to Thessaloniki in Bari, Cagliari and Rimini, Italy, Cork, Sevilla, Spain and Greece's second largest city at the beginning of March. This will be the largest bidirection of the Rajaanair's bid to be a total of 39 roots, the number of passengers can increase to 3 million, an increase of 13 percent over the year, said Olga Pavlonka.

The company also announces a special promotion:

From midnight on Thursday, from 3059 forints, with travel dates ranging from now to March.

Speaking about the other problems of the company, he answered in response to the question The company was forced to cut its profit prospects by 20 percent, due to high carcinogen prices and a low average price tag, currently experiencing the company's profit after the end of the financial year to reach € 1.15 billion to March 31.

Source: AFP / Andreas Arnold

He also said that although Laudamotion, which owns 75 percent of the company, could have a loss of 150 million in the fiscal year, they expect a close-zero output next year.

With regard to the delays in the summer, Olga Pawlona stressed that about 1100 flights had to be canceled due to delay and this was not sustainable. Therefore, it was initiated by the EU. That Air Traffic Control Services announcing the strike would notify the companies 72 hours before the air pass was closed and to ensure the flight over the air in the country in case of a strike.

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