Zv Kaidi's participation in the election of the presentant representative must answer whether Hong Kong independence Hong Kong |


Legislative Council Member Joe Kaidi signed up for Yuen Long on Thursday.The Home Affairs Department listed it as a "candidate" on the village representative election website during the weekend.. That code issued a letter on the social platform that he received a letter from the ro that afternoon. The letter asked five questions and asked him to come tomorrow.Answering before 4:00, the question involved or not to agree that sovereignty between Hong Kong and China is inseparable.

Said Kaidi said he received a letter from the ro in the afternoon. The letter mentioned five questions and asked him to respond before 16:00 Tomorrow. (Zhu Kaidi facebook screenshot)

According to Documents Updates by Yu Kaedi, Yuan Jianuo, the Yangang New Village Deputy Director, received his nomination form on November 22 and notedBefore the formal decision on whether the nomination is valid, according to the electoral processRules, ask Soa Kaidi to answer the following questionsFor consideration whether the nomination is valid.

The five questions include "Do you agree that the People's Republic of China has the sovereignty of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region?",Do you agree that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is an inseparable part of the People's RepublicPart? ","Are you sure you can define the base and the guarantee on the nomination form?Proof of the existence of Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions? ","Whether the itemStill do not support Hong Kong independence? "Do you support or support" Hong Kong independence "as an option for self-determination?".

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