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[XF 開箱] NZXT H510 Elite Medium Chassis New Upgrade Glass Front Panel + AER RGB 2 Fan


The current requirements for the chassis become higher and higher. Many users do not have much preference for RGB. They will prefer products with transparent side panels. If you have a soft spot for RGB, NZXT is a new one. H510 Elite is definitely enough for everyone.

If you know about the NXZT chassis, you know that their H200 series is a small chassis; The H400 / 500 series is a medium-sized chassis; The H700 series is for high-end players who need a lot of space, so this time the H510 Elite is a medium-sized product. The biggest feature of the H510 Elite is that the front panel of the chassis is equipped with a tempered glass design. The best design.

▲ NZXT chassis has always been a very good storage line design, which is convenient for users to store all the wires neatly.

▲ Up to 3 3.5 ′ ז hard drives can be installed for storage needs.

▲ After the cabinet of the chassis reserved space for 2 2.5 ז hard drives / SSD, the H510 Elite can be installed with up to 3 2.5 ′ ′ devices.

To allow the user to purchase the RGB front panel, the ARE RGB 2 fan is attached to the random box. The RGB light is added to the two 140mm fan frames, and the Smart Device V2 controller is only used by the exclusive CAM. The software controls the lighting effect or monitors the status of other hardware in the system, such as the load and temperature of the processor / display card. With SmartV2 v2, you can control a total of 3 PWM fans and 2 RGB channels. The control volume is quite sufficient.

▲ The ARE RGB 2 fan comes with a random box. The 140mm provides good wind power. The outer frame and the RGB light effect combined with the transparent front panel are quite outstanding.

▲ This time the controller is upgraded to Smart Device V2, which can control a total of 3 PWM fans and 2 RGB channels.

▲ All RGB devices connected to smart device v2 can be powered by NZXT CAM software.

▲ com can also monitor the clock and temperature of hardware such as processor and display card in real time.

RGB lighting has the best effect, simpler and better in chassis, and water cooling is the best choice. The NZXT H510 Elite also has enough space for water cooling installation. The front and rear seats of the chassis may correspond to 60 mm of cold discharge. The pump and water tank can be installed in front of the slot storage line, up to 180mm or flat. It can correspond to a maximum length of 86mm. If you choose traditional air cooling, you can handle the heatsink to 165mm of the processor.

The ▲ rear of the chassis is equipped with an AER F120 cooling fan.

▲ The fan can be replaced with a cold 60mm fan after removing the fan.

▲ The top of the chassis can be installed with a 120/140 mm fan.

▲ For users who plan to use the vertical pump water tank, they can be put in front of the storage line slot.

The NZXT H510 elite caters to the needs of players who need to install a video card vertically and can accommodate two slot display cards. The location of the fire cow is located at the bottom of the chassis, which still simplifies the chassis site. In addition, the bottom and front fan inlets have dust proof moisture to reduce the heat dissipation problem caused by dust accumulation during long-term use. Ultimately, the chassis front I / O panel was upgraded at the same time, including USB 3.1 Gen 2 type-C and USB 3.1 Gen1 type-A, of course, 3.5mm for connecting headphones.

▲ There are 7 expansion slots and two-slot display cards in the vertical position behind the chassis.

▲ Users can choose to install the display card in an upright manner according to their preferences.

▲ The installation position of the fire cow is set at the bottom of the chassis.

▲ The space of the wind in the fire cow also has a dust net.

The size of the chassis is large, and the rubber pad has a shock absorbing capacity in addition to a more stable position.

▲ front chassis Y / O USB 3.1 Gen 2 type-C, USB 3.1 Gen 1 type-A and 3.5mm respectively.

The biggest feature of the NZXT H510 Elite is its front glass panel, plus the original ARE RGB 2 fan and RGB strips, which provide a nice RGB effect for the chassis and only needs to be combined with other RGB hardware to create an exclusive computer. "RGB light effect" became simpler. The interior of the H510 Elite still has a fairly "wide" design, which is basically enough to meet the needs of most users.

Price suggested: $ 1199

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