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Buying food in Hong Kong in order to save time, the employee will automatically put a set of rubber accessories in the bag, if you use cockroaches for food only, excess knives and forks are discarded directly. In order to promote the use of plastic tableware, the Environmental Action Committee tried to use a scheme for the production of plastics, first, for cutlery. The public will have a printed copy of a comprehensive fast-food restaurant without plastic table tops, which can store 6 pieces for a reusable kitchen bowl or a cup of hot drinks. . The Committee spent 1.2 million, all of which were spent on the purchase of approximately 300,000 sets of reusable cutlery.

Chairman of the board Lin Chaoying is a famous environmental warrior, whose enthusiasm is admiration. Some public members believe that the reduction in direct prices is more attractive than this plan. Lin Chaoying disagreed and considered that the plan should not "focus too much on money", so the public will not be able to change their lifestyle at the end of the plan. According to the reports, each set of costs for re-use tableware 4 yuan, except 6 meals, about 7 milligrams per meal, and less than 1.8 million sets of rubber containers are used after dispatch. If the plan to reduce the price by 7 milligrams, the same applies to 1.8 million sets of plastic tableware, only to collect money instead of a disposable container.

The problem is that 300,000 sets of multifunctional tableware use earth resources. In the end, how many people can change their habits? Actually, most people know that they can bring houseware and tableware. I suspect that sending multiple sets has several important effects. I am also concerned that the public will use rubbish or one or two to get rid of rubbish and waste, as usual.

Whether habits have changed in the public or not, the survey can be done at the end of the plan. If the effect is not obvious and you want to perform "departure", it is better to lower the price directly.

Zeng Guoping

Associate Professor, Economics Department, Virginia Tech University, USA


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