Assassin's latest mobile game "Assassin's Dogma Uprise" global synchronization – Hong Kong mobile game network

"Assassin's Dogma: Uprising" is a strategic role-playing game adapted from the famous action game "Assassin's Dogma." Players can make their own fraternity in the way, and pretend to be an unprecedented way of legitimate characters of the Assassin's brotherhood. Together with 40 characters, they include legendary characters and new exclusive characters. As your brothers expand to develop your fortress, boost your power and strengthen your assassin skills.

The characters of "Assassin's Dogma: Uprise" will also appear in the past, including the familiar characters of Ezio, Akira, Leiten, Claudia and Mattivelli, and more than 20 players dedicated to the game. New unlockable character.

Players can send three assassins to form a small team to participate in various secret missions, sneak into the Templars Basthold and keep their plans, choose a positive trigger or sneak into the assassination all you choose! The official will also provide a number of historical periods and new set-up time-limited activities for everyone to challenge, gain extra rewards and unlock rare new assassins!

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