Until Dawn's creators work in several exclusive PlayStation titles


Extremely active Supermassive games

We learned this from the ResetEr program Supermassive games but not resting with her upcoming horror series of horror games, starting with Dark images: Man of Medan. With rich history with Sony, when it developed success To Dawn in 2015, many people thought that they were switching to multiplatforms rather than working with them.

Supermassive Executive Director Pete Samuels recently gave an interview to 4PDA.ru, which reveals how his team more exclusive titles for its platform PlayStation:

Look, our relationship with Sony is great. We work on several non-exclusive exclusive PlayStation games. Frankly, it's impossible to go into details. In general, I want to present our work to as many audiences as possible. That's why Dark Pictures has to come to many platforms.

The Dark images: Man of Medan will come on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2019.

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